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In a message dated 7/6/99 11:12:58 AM Eastern Daylight Time,

Renovations are in full swing at the library and the Local
History/Genealogy Collection will be unavailable for a few weeks before
the building itself shuts down for three weeks.

Ellen K. Gamache
Local History Librarian

I discovered the Albany Public Library while in the city three years ago
working on genealogy at the State Library. As I recall, you had a ton of
information packed away in one room in the upper level.
The inconvenience will quickly be forgotten when you have the renovated
facilities to house the very fine collection of information. I worked in the
room for three hours, up until closing, and had two extremely knowledgeable
individuals of local Albany history give me a hand with lookups on John
McDonald. Though we didn't find anything conclusive on him, I certainly had
a new and better opinion of Albany people (city dwellers) than I was led to
Best of luck with the renovation and new History/Genealogy facilities.
Dave McDonald


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