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Subject: Re: [NYALBANY-L] MALCOLM (any!), Albany, 1800-1850
Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 21:57:48 -0400

Dorothy Frisbie and others

Just a tidbit from references I have access to
saw this in my Homer Taylor search results
Name Changes in Massachusetts, 1780-1892.
List of Persons Whose Names Have Been Changed in This Commonwealth

Van Rensellaeir Osborn Jewell, of Marlborough, may take the
name of Lewis Rensellaier Jewell;
if anyone would like a look-up.. no more than five
first and last names at a time -- long work weeks
and in process of moving, but keeping up as
the weather allows.............

Tornadoes all around the Roanoke area in a 30-50
mile radius .. if one ever gets down in this valley
among the mountains it will chew all up getting out --
hope all is well in the Albany area -- saw the news ..

[The cirlce in TROY was my very favorite landmark for over 40
years -- it meant almost there! if I remeber, approx 39 miles
'over The Trail' from No. Adams to Shelburne Falls -- Greenfield, MA
for the summers with very favorite grandparents ...
a long ... long drive from Beloit, WI ..now USAir direct for me...

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