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1820 Census

Jane Fladger (widow of Henry) 6 Slaves (1M-14, 1M 45+;2F-14, 1F 26-45, 1F

Hugh G. Fladger 12Slaves (1M-14, 2M 14-25, 1M 26-45, 1M 45+;
4 F-14, 1F 14-26, 1F 26-45, 1F 45+)

1824 or 25
Josef Davis deeds hisdaughter, Anna Mariah Davis Fladger, slaves in trust.
This deed is referredto in the court proceedings when Anna Mariah’s estate is
divided. (See January1, 1859 division of property for names of slaves & their

1830 Census

Jane Fladger 8 Slaves (2M-10, 1M 10-24, 1M 55-100;

Hugh G. Fladger 14 Slaves (1M-10, 1M 10-24, 2M 24-36, 1M 36-55;
3F –10, 5F 10-24, 1F24-36)

January 13, 1835; recorded 1838
Appraisement & Agreement of Heirs of Estate of Joseph Davis Sr. dec’d
Doll & Sarah $350
Stephen $450
Frank $350
John $325
Bena & children $450
Ally $250
Peggy $200
Paid H.G. Fladger
Susan B.Davis, W.R. Johnson, J. D. Johnson, B. (S.or L.)Davis, James E.
Newsom, James C. Thomas, Daniel H. Davis. Note: Wording implies that there
are absent heirswho will receive just payment for their share of the above
slaves. (DeedBook R page 83.)

November 18, 1837
Will of Silas White
Imprimis: I give and bequeath unto my three beloved sons by my last wife
Joseph Benjamin White, William Stephen White, and Silas WhitbyWhite a negro
woman Phyllis and her child Amelia together with all the future increase of
said negroes etc.Item: All the rest and residue of my Estate which is left
after the discharge of all my just debts by my debtors consisting of
household and kitchenfurniture, farming utensils and stock of every kind &
whatever articlesbelonging to me at my death I give and bequeath to all my
children by my firstand second wives to be divided among them share and share
alike. (Will filed inBook D pages 48 & 49, Marion County Probate Records

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