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I was in Santa Monica when the quake hit that destroyed the Selmar vets
hospital. First one my husband had ever been in. He punched me in the
back about 6:30 or 7 in the morning, told me to quit shaking the bed. I
told him it was just a quake, shut up and go back to sleep. He yelled
quake, grabbed out one month old son out of the bassinette and put him bed
with me. Then he proceeded to run out the door in his BVDs. I've kidded
him for the past 33 years [in happened in 1971] about running out on us. He
still claims that all he was doing was checking to see if the ground had
opened up outside!!

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> I'm in the Los Angeles area ... about 50 miles from Ontario !! and I'll
> an earthquake over a tornado or hurricane ANY day ... lol The worst
> been thru was the Northridge quake, and the only problem we had in our
area was
> being without power for a few hours.

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