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From: "Thomas Anderson" <>
Subject: Re: [NOR] Help request in finding farm in Buskerud
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2009 16:36:40 -0700
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Jean and others helping,

I am convinced that you sent regarding family from page 31 of Emigranter Fra
Nes og Fla i Hallingdal by Sigmund Sevre is the family I am looking for. I
do have a separate note stating that they immigrated from Norway in 1856.
They appear to be the first Blingmoen's to Settle in the Turkey River
Settlement in Iowa - near or in Clayton, County, Iowa.

Jean please copy me page 31 and send it to me. I would like to know if
"their two children and daughters son match up with the below.

My information shows them with a total of 7 Children:
1. Ole (The first) born or Christened 24 Jun 1816 Nes I Hallingdal,
Buskerud, Norway
2. Knud (the first) born 27 Jul 1817 christened 17 Aug 1817 Nes I
Hallingdal,Buskerud, Norway
3. Birgit christened 26 Dec 1818
4. Ole (the second) Born 13 Jul 1821 Christened 22 July 1821 Nes Akershus,
Norway and christened in Ullensaker, Akershus, Norway
5. Knud (the second)born 1826 Nes I Hallingdal Buskerud, Norway
6. Randi christened 18 Oct 1829 Nes I Hallingdal Buskerud, Norway
7. Ole (the third) born about 1833 in Nesbyen, Hallingdal, Buskerud, Norway

Respectfully, and thanks to all who have helped so far

Tom Anderson

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Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 11:59 AM
Subject: Re: [NOR] Help request in finding farm in Buskerud

In looking at this I haven't reached any conclusions but this will give
added info for the search.

In the Emigranter Fra Nes og Fla i Hallingdal by Sigmund Sevre, I find on
page 31 the following information in the 1856 immigration year:

Ole Olsen (Roen) Blingsmoen, 63 years old, parents (Ole Olsen-Barbro
Hendrichsdtr), born Feb 1793 married Oct 9, 1815 with Kari Knutsdatter Solem
69 years old, parents (Knud Sollem-Ingeborg) born May 1788. They are shown
with their two children and with the daughter's son.

I don't find connections to this. There is an Ole Olsen living on the Roe
farm in 1801 in Nes, Buskerud who could be a match for him but it is a
different mother. It is the second marriage for the father but this
marriage took place in 1790. I don't find any Barbro Henriksdatters that
appear to match either. Perhaps I should have checked outside of Buskerud
in 1801.

I thought I would put this immigrant info out in case it helps anyone.


I am trying to do a search in 1801 Census for a farm in Buskerud which I
think is named Blingsmoen.

When I do a farm search for farms that start with Blings and I come up with
5. But I cannot find the Municipality. Please help.

I am looking for a boy named Ole Olsen Blingsmoen who was born about 1791.
In 1815 he married Kari Knudsdtr.


Tom Anderson
Kaysville Utah

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