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From: "Robbie" <>
Subject: [NoEngl'nd] ALLISON/WAINE
Date: Sun, 26 Jan 2003 10:45:08 -0000

Hi List,

With the big help of Lynne Smith I am now further into my research..

I have JAMES ALLISON born 1857 in Hampford Yorks and HARRIET WAINE born 1864 in Hampford Yorks.

I have also traced a marriage to Middlesbrough district Vol 9d page 996 between HARRIET WAINE and JAMES ALLSION ( spelt this way on free BDM ) in December 1880.

They lived at 57 Bolckow Street Middlesbrough on 31 January 1890 the birth date of their son THOMAS BERTIE ALLISON.

The Middlesbrough indexes on the 1891 census have been checked to RG4004 to RG4008 and RG4012 to RG4014 but they are not listed..

It may be that they took THOMAS BERTIE ALLISON back to Hampford at the time of the 1891 census to show him off to his Grand Parents ( just a theory as he will have been one 1 year old ish then )..

I have looked at the 1881 Census for both JAMES ALLISON AND HARRIET ALLISON nee WAINE but can't seem to trace either..

JAMES ALLISON was a Marine Engineer...Could this of been on a ship or will it be more to do with a Ship Yard...

Why did they leave Hampford for Middlesbrough and then marry in Middlesbrough ..I don't know..

There also seems to be a 10 year gap between the marriage in 1880 and the birth of their son in 1890 but again there could be reasons for this..Particularly if he was away at sea regularly I suppose..

If anybody knows where Hampford Yorks is I would be grateful to know..I have searched maps but can't see it..

Also if anybody has the missing Middlesbrough Indexes for the 1891 census RG4009 to RG4011 I would be very grateful for a quick look up..

I believe both JAMES ALLISON and HARRIET WAINE were buried in Acklam Cemetery Middlesbrough but do not know the date of death as yet..I know there are two Acklam Cemeteries - one is the old Acklam cemetery and I guess the other one must be the new Acklam cemetery which is also a Crematorium..I will be taking a walk around these cemeteries on another day..When the rain stops...Just wondering if anybody has any idea of when the new Acklam Cemetery opened....

Good Hunting...
Robbie in Middlesbrough UK
Researching : Allison/Taylor/Waine....Middlesbrough and Hampford

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