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Thanks for your reply.
No, I am not sure. That is why I used "he may possibly have taken up with
another woman". My Samuel has been listed in one census as being from New
York, in one as being from New Jersey, in his short entry in the book on the
2nd Va Cavalry it states he was b. in Rockbridge VA. These are all
referring to the same Samuel. That is something I am sure of. Various
children have said he was from any of the above when listing where their
father was born in other census records.

The reasons I think this MAY be the same Samuel include his being about the
correct age, the knowledge that there is no record of him dying in the war,
in fact, he was discharged in 1862 at age 45 with chronic bronchitis, the
knowledge that he was not present with his family in Bedford in 1870 and
beyond, the knowledge that many times census takers did not get their
information directly from the individuals listed but from the head of the
household or his wife or even from someone down at the gen'l store or tavern
who told the census taker about all the families that lived down the road
from the store. It is quite possible that this is the case in this instance,
especially as Samuel and his family were living in someone else's home in
this census. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that the census taker
was told he "was from up north somewhere, maybe Conn." or something along
those lines.
Finally, Samuel's son Alfred moved to Alleghany co. sometime around 1900 as
his first land transaction there was in 1901.

I do not think that Samuel was not actually married to the Francis listed
because in the birth record for Elizabeth Norcross in the Alleghany Co.
records no father is listed. This Francis is from Va. but I can find no
marriage record them here.

I do know that these snippets are open to other interpretations. I know
that it could actually be another Samuel entirely. I simply have a
suspicion that it is the same person.

If you have any light to shed on this, I would love to be illuminated by it

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> << After the war he kind of disappears. He may possibly have taken up
> another woman, also named Francis but about 15 years younger than his
wife, and
> had a few of children by her (names: Capatola, Walan, and Elizabeth) in
> Alleghany co., VA. His other family is still present in Bedford Co.,VA.
> Jaymee, are you sure this is the same Samuel in the 1870 census, since it
> gives birth state as Connecticut rather than New Jersey.
> Regards,
> JC Bozarth
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