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From: Sheila A Muniain <>
Subject: Indian connections...
Date: Sat, 4 May 2002 18:34:12 -0700

Hi Everyone,
I have just posted three other messages, asking for information on three
sisters...Alicia MANZO KEPLYE, of Fresno; Dorothy Eva MANZO HATHAWAY, of
Santa Clara; and Lillian K MANZO CARMICHAEL, of Roseville. I posted them
separately so they wouldn't be overlooked or confused.

Recently I did some research with Dr John Johnson, the Curator of
Anthropology at the Museum of Natural History in Santa Barbara, CA. Dr
Johnson has done extensive research on the Chumash Indians of the Central
Coast of California, and along with another professor, he is researching
many other Indian tribes of Early California. In our conversation he told
me that the way they find the descendants is through DNA, however, it can
only be traced through the female lines. I told him I was pretty certain
I was such a descendant, and after I sent the documentation showing my mother's, mother's, mother's, mother's, mother's mother...he
sent the sample for testing. A week ago I received the results and yep,
I'm a descendant of a woman from the northern area of Mexico, who married
a soldier and they came along with Anza to settle the San Francisco area
in 1775-76. I am now trying to find more of these descendants in my own
family...those from some of my great grandmothers. The women I listed
above are also part of that same line...and any daughters they may have
had would be part of this, as well as any daughters they might have had.

I know we can't look for live people on this list, so I'm only asking
that if any of you know of these families, could you either e-mail me
privately, or pass this message on to them.

There really isn't any "prize"...we don't get any money or anything like
that...we just help with a project of tracing the migration of the
descendants of Indians from particular tribes.

Our ancestor was Ana Maria Osuna, b. about 1750 according to her age
listed at the time of her husband's recruitment for the Anza Expedition.
They already had a couple of children, with their first daughter being
Maria de los Santos Gutierrez who married Alejo Feliciano Miranda at
Mission Dolores on 14 Aug 1780. Ana Maria Osuna was my 6th Great

Thanks for any help you might pass on to me...this stuff sure gets
exciting, and takes some interesting turns and twists!
Sheila :)

Sheila Ruiz Muniain, researching my own Early California & Pioneer
Families:Armenta, Bastida, Bojorques, Buelna, Carrillo, Cartagena,
Cordero, Enriquez, Estrada, Feliz, Fernandez, Galindo, Gonzales,
Gutierrez, Higuera, Linares, Lopez, Millar, Miranda, Nunez, Ortega,
Osuna, Pico, Pinto, Quintero, Rivas, Romero, Rubio, Ruelas, Ruiz,
Sanchez, Sinova, & Valenzuela...

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