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First, you have to understand the difference between a patronymic name, and a farm name, which was technically an address, not a surname for that period of time, so the farm name could change with each move. For that period of time there were no inherited surnames in the Scandinavian countries. Sometimes in the larger cities there were inherited surnames as we know them, yes, but that's because foreigners brought an inherited surname with them. [Iceland still uses the patronymic naming system, in face.] By 1900 and 1910 some people were starting to use inherited surnames in the Norwegian census. The law mandating inherited surnames or family names did not go into effect until 1923 in Norway.

Once emigrants got to the US, they elected to use either a patronymic name or a farm name as an inherited surname to fit in with US customs. (Sometimes they switched names or farm names, as reflected in US census; I've run into that a couple of times.)

Secondly, you need to switch to using the Norwegian records. Digitalarkivet's database is the easiest to use on the web. The database is free, thanks to the taxpayers in Norway. Here's the main page (if you clear cookies you have to reset the English default which will get you English whenever there's been a translation, especially for column headers on transcribed data).

The main page is this link now:
... however I still use the former link because most of the records I'm researching can be found through the old main page.

Here's a Norwegian-American dictionary. Most of the language in the Norwegian records is Dano-Norsk (there's a history for why that is), and modern dictionaries don't always have the old spellings. Otto Jrgensen of the Norway List has made this dictionary, which is invaluable for old spellings, new spelling, and definitions, and he updates the database when new words come up:

1875 Norwegian census for your couple. They were living on the Berg farm.

Buskerud slektshistorielag: 1875-teljinga for 0629 Sandsvr
Circuit no. List no. No. Farm
489 6 48 397a Berg
Given name Last name Family pos. Marital status Position Year of birth Birth place
2883 Martine Rogstad Berg husmoder e gbr. 1818 Hole
2884 Thor Rogstad sn ug 1855 Sandsvr/H
2885 Martine Olsd. tyende ug tjenestepige 1853 Sandsvr/H
2886 Fredrik Trulsen husfader g hmd. m/jord 1812 Sandsvr/H
2887 Else Andersd. kone g 1813 Sandsvr/H
2888 Karl Fredriksen sn ug dagarb. 1855 Sandsvr/H
2889 Anders Fredriksen sn 1863 Sandsvr/H
2890 Niels Nielsen husfader g dagarb. 1854 Skouger
2891 Pauline Fredriksd. kone g 1853 Sandsvr/H
2892 Fredrikke Nielsd. datter 1875 Sandsvr/H
Digitalarkivet 2011. Rettar til databasen: Buskerud slektshistorielag. Versjon fr 12/30/1899. Talet p oppslag: 57258 (21 i dag)WebCens Jan Oldervoll 1998-2011

Here's Pauline Fredriksdatter in the 1865 Norwegian census living on the yen farm (if I'm reading the description correctly, she's a ward of the parish and has been placed in this home; like a foster child):
1865-telling for 0629 Sandsvr

District no. Page School distr. Local parish Parish Farm Remarks (farm) Title
375 5 105 vre Efterld Efterld Sandsver yen 182b4 1 Household Given name Last name Family pos. Occupation Marital status Age Sex Birth place Horses Cattle Sheep Wheat Barley Oat Potatoes
1949 13 1 Hansjrgen Ols. Huusfader Tmmermand, Selveier g 36 m Sandsvr 1 2 3 1/8 1/4 2 2
1950 14 Grethe Marie Anundsd. hans Kone g 37 k Sandsvr
1951 15 Anne Marie Hansjrgensd. deres Datter ug 5 k Sandsvr
1952 16 Alvilde Olette Hansjrgensd. deres Datter ug 3 k Sandsvr
1953 17 Karen Anette Hansjrgensd. deres Datter ug 1 k Sandsvr
1954 18 Thore Kistine Hansjrgensd. bortsat af S. Fattigvsenet ug 14 k Sandsvr
1955 19 Pauline Fredriksd. bortsat af Sandsvr Fattigvsen ug 13 k Sandsvr
Digitalarkivet 2011. Rettar til databasen: Digitalarkivet. Versjon fr 3/17/2000. Talet p oppslag: 157006 (21 i dag)WebCens Jan Oldervoll 1998-2011

Birth/Baptism Record for Pauline Gunnelia Frederiksdatter, born 10 August 1853, baptized 28 August 1853; legitimate birth; parents are husmand Frederik Poulsen/Paulsen [living at Brath - probably Braat, Braaten] and his wife Else/Elsa Marie Andersdatter.

Source information: Buskerud county, Sandsvr, Parish register (official) nr. 5 (1840-1856), Birth and baptism records 1853, page 224-225.
Permanent pagelink:
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I don't know what happened to her parents, but I couldn't find them in the 1865 Norwegian census for Sandsvr.

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