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Bill -- Thanks so much for responding to my Nicholson post. I'm not sure
we're of the same line, but here's a brief text only document on early North
Carolina Nicholsons that tries to list where each originally came from.


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North Carolina Regional Early Nicholsons------------------------------=0D=
=0DCurrituck County. William Nicholson first is shown in Currituck Count=
y records in 1696. He received a land grant ca 1704, still in the hands =
of descendants. He died ca 1723, leaving Josiah, Anthony, Theopolis, Sop=
hia, Naomy, and probably Sarah as heirs. No further record of Anthony or=
Theopolis has been found in Currituck County. William's son Josiah died=
in 1749, leaving widow Hannah and children Josiah, John, and Clare as he=
irs. It appears that Clare married someone named Jolley or Jolleff. Joh=
n appears to have left Currituck County ca 1765. =0D=0DJosiah Sr.'s son =
Josiah died in 1807, leaving wife Penelope; sons James, Griffith, and Jos=
ias; daughters Hannah Twiford, Sarah Taylor, Sintey Capps, and Chloe Nich=
olson. This Josiah was married once and maybe twice prior, to Bathia and=
then possibly Hannah prior to marrying Penelope Thomasin ca 1800. Josia=
h's son Griffith (Griffin?) went to Halifax County, North Carolina in the=
1790's and then on to Montgomery County, Tennessee before 1820. His son=
William appeared to leave Currituck, but is shown to have returned and d=
ied there ca 1803. His son Josiah died there ca 1818. James lived there=
until at least the 1830's. All the daughters appear to have remained in=
Currituck County. =0D=0DPerquimans County. These Nicholsons arrived in=
the 1670's, and were Quakers originally from the New England area. Chri=
stopher and Hannah Nicholson were the original settlers, she having died =
in Perquimans in 1678 and he in 1688. At least eight children were named=
in various records, including sons Benjamin, Samuel, Joseph, John, Chris=
topher, and Nathaniel, and daughters Delimance (Deliverance?) and Hannah.=
The only name that seems to overlap between the two branches is John, i=
ndicating that there is not likely a connection between the two.=0D=0DNor=
folk County (Virginia). William Nicholson died in 1728, and his will men=
tioned his loving wife, Alice, and children William Nicholson, Thomas Nic=
holson, George Nicholson, Lemuel Nicholson, John Nicholson, Elizabeth Nic=
holson, Anne Butte, Mary Langley, Abigail Nicholson, Sarah Nicholson, and=
grandson Joshua Nicholson. Alice Nicholson's will was proved in 1748. =
Her will mentions grandson William and grandson Wilson (appears to be Joh=
n' son). William Nicholson, the son of the William who died in 1728, had=
a will proven in 1731, that mentioned his mother Alice, eldest son, Will=
iam, his son Joshua and his wife Prudence. Joshua's will in 1768 mention=
ed his brother William, son James, son William, son Joshua, daughter Ann =
and wife, Patience Nicholson. =0D=0DEdgecomb County. According to a 1944=
work "Historical Data of the Nicholson-Adams and Allied Families" by Mrs=
. J.L. Mims, on file at the Salt Lake City Family History Library, George=
and Lemuel Nicholson -- the sons of the first Norfolk County VA William =
Nicholson above -- perhaps moved to Edgecomb County (from which Halifax a=
nd Nash Counties were later taken). George Nicholson witnessed a will in=
Edgecomb County in 1750. George Nicholson of Edgecomb County sold land =
to Lemuel Nicholson of Halifax County in 1766. =0D=0DThis same document =
lists George Nicholson as son of the Norfolk County William Nicholson, an=
d that he died in Nash County in 1780. His will named nine children: Wri=
ght, David, George, Edward, Malachi, Josiah, Teresa (married a Lewis), Cl=
oe (married a Petmond), and Elizabeth (married a Walker). The will also =
mentions his wife Lydia and his granddaughter Lydia.=0D=0DHalifax County.=
According to the Mims work above, Lemuel Nicholson died in Halifax Coun=
ty in 1775, leaving children: Thomas, John, Absalom, and Joseph Wright Ni=
cholson; and Patience Wright, Phereby Nicholson, and Abigail Nicholson. =
His granddaughter Bathsheba Nicholson was mentioned, and witnesses includ=
ed George and Edward Nicholson. John was the captain in the Revolution, =
married Penelope Mann and died in 1799. This John had ten children: Leti=
tia (married a Crowell), Matilda, Timothy Mann, Penelope (married a Whitf=
ield), Martha (married a Jenkins), Mary (married a Jelks), Peeby (married=
a Shelton), Elizabeth (married Phillips), Ann (married a Bellamy), and S=
arah (married a Phillips).=0D=0DThere appear (according to Mims) two earl=
y Nicholsons in Halifax County unrelated to these lines, Urbane Nicholson=
and Theopolis Nicholson. Griffin Nicholson, referred to above in the Cu=
rrituck County paragraphs, lived in Halifax County from the 1790's to jus=
t before 1820.=0D=0DStokes(now Forsythe)/Iredell County. The earliest kn=
wn ancestor of the Stokes and Iredell County Nicholson family is John NIC=
HOLSON, who was born May 9, 1757, at Princeton, NJ. John died on Aug. 2,=
1838, in Stokes Co., NC.=0D=0DJohn NICHOLSON married Mary McCOMB first a=
bout 1781 in New Jersey. She died and he married second on Oct. 24, 1785=
, in Somerset Co., NJ, Catharine STEPHENSON, wh was born Sep. 15, 1766, i=
n NJ and died Jun. 9, 1843 in Stokes (now Forsyth) Co., NC. Both John an=
d Catharine are buried at the Muddy Creek Graveyard in marked graves.=0D=
=0DAfter the Rev. War was over, John, together with James, his son by his=
1st wife, and Catherine, his 2nd wife, traveled south until they reached=
NC...."=0D=0DThe 10 children of John NICHOLSON and Catharine STEPHENSON =
NICHOLSON are: 1) John NICHOLSON Jr b Mar 18, 1787 Stokes, d Aug 9, 1868=
Iredell, m jul 7 1811 Mary FULTZ b Nov 27, 1788 Stokes, d Sep 12 1870 Ir=
edell (John Jr. Family Bible); 2) Mary NICHOLSON b Sep 19, 1788, Stokes m=
John WALKER; 3) Elizabeth NICHOLSON, b Apr 19, 1790, Stokes, m Amaso BEE=
SON; 4) Rebecca NICHOLSON b Apr 19 1793 Stokes, m Mathias CLAMPITT; 5) Ge=
orge NICHOLSON, b Aug 11, 1793 [this can't be right!] Stokes, d Jul 23, 1=
802 Stokes; 6) Moses NICHOLSON, b Nov 23, 1799 Stokes, m a BARNES; 7) An=
derson NICHOLSON, b No 23, 1799 Stokes, m Grace do M.P. NICHOLSON, m 2nd =
Mary J. HUTCHENS who died at age 80 Aug 38, 1910; 8) Catherine NICHOLSON=
, b Jun 16, 1804, m a WALKER;9) Phoebe NICHOLSON, b Nov 13, 1806; 10) Han=
nah NICHOLSON, b Sep 10, 1811, Stokes, m John IDOL of Guilford Co., NC.=
=0D=0DJames and Mary MACOMB NICHOLSON went to Iredell Co., NC in 1813. Ja=
mes was a millwright and he kept busy establishing mills. His brother Mo=
ses also lived in Iredell about 6 years before moving to MO. John Jr. mo=
ved to Iredell in 1828 and bought land with brother James on Hunting Cree=
k. The land had a mill which they operated.=0D=0DMecklenberg County. Cu=
lbert NICHOLSON, also listed as Cuthbert, bought land on what is now the =
NC/SC border ca 1766 and died in 1789 at age 77. He was buried in Steele=
Creek Pres. Church cemetery south of Charlotte along with his wife Jenne=
t, d 1790, and Joseph NICHOLSON and John NICHOLSON, died 1818 in Oglethor=
pe Co., GA. All three names were on one court document concerning Culber=
t's will administration. This may mean that they were brothers -- or that=
Culbert was the father or uncle. =0D=0DJoseph and John and a George bo=
ught land in the heart of Charlottetown, where at least one had a tavern =
called Nick's and one was a joiner with apprentices (Joseph). John was c=
alled a "labourer" in one document. The family was connected by marriage =
(Lillie NICHOLSON) to the JACK family, who also moved to Wilkes Co., GA, =
and from GA to TX, as did the NICHOLSONs.=0D=0DJoseph sold his land in th=
e center of Charlottetown in 1784 and moved to Wilkes Co., GA - was in GA=
in 1785 according to another Mecklenburg deed. John seems to have stayed=
in Charlotte longer, appearing on a 1792 census with children and a Will=
iam and John Jr. listed separately. A George NICHOLSON continued to live=
in Charlotte through the 1800 census, some of my John Sr.'s children rep=
utedly married in Charlotte ca 1800 and then moved to GA. =0D=0DThe name=
s Sterling NICHOLSON, John NICHOLSON, and William NICHOLSON appear in lat=
er marriages and in census records of Mecklenburg. There is great confusi=
on, of course, because the names Joseph, John, George, and William are us=
ed in every generation and apparently by every son for his sons. The fema=
le names Jennet/Janet/Jeanette are also common, as is Lillie. =0D=0D


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