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From: Lloyd Rowsell <>
Subject: [NF-TRINITYBAY] untimely "LACEY from LaCIE"Newfoundlander transition at Kingston, Jamaica and VALDAMANIS
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 09:14:52 -0700 (PDT)

Can 'some kind soul' tell me the Christian name of the crew member


Excerpts from the 1999 book by Jack FITZGERALD titled "The
Hangman is Never Late"

p109..." A young Newfoundlander named LACEY from LaScie was buried
with full military honours on January 4th, 1908 at Kingston,
LACEY was a crew member of the HMS Brilliant.

He was quiet, but physically strong. He was also a teetotaller."


pages 170-174 VALDMANIS

"April 14, 1954...RCMP in NB arrested a man who just a short time
before had been the second most powerful man in NL, next to
Premier Joe SMALLWOOD....

At the age of 29 he had already held four portfolios in the
Latvian Government

He had acted as President of Latvia in the absence of the
president and had been decorated by the King of Sweden.

Because of his expertise in finance he was assigned a position on
the staff of Dr. Helmut SCHACHT, HITLER's Economic Adviser.

After the war he served on the staffs of Field Marshall MONTGOMERY
and later General Walter SMITH of the U.S.Army as special adviser.

Dr. VALDMANIS turned over all his assets, valued at $568,750.80 to
the Newfoundland Government, and had the government's civil suit
dropped. The sale of these assets realized a little over

There were suggestions that he was being blackmailed by two fellow
Latvians over claims that VALDMANIS had a sinister involvement
with the Nazis during World War II

He died in a car accident in Albert in 1970 ""

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