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Subject: [News] Sonoma Co. Ca. 1858
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 11:50:10 -0700 (PDT)

Sonoma County Journal
Petaluma, Ca.

<<<<<<<<<< Oct. 1, 1858 issue >>>>>>
Cyrus Stone had his right hand blown off in, Crescent City, Sept. 18th,
by the premature discharge of a cannon, which he was firing in honor of
the success of the cable.

Charlotte GIRARD, age 16, residing on a ranch on Bear Creek, Tuolumne
co., was recently seduced by her brother-in-law, which fact, reaching
her father's ears, sent him a gunning for the rascal, whom he,
unfortunately, did not kill.

W.H. ABELL, of Red Bluff, has purchased a site at Clear Lake and intends
to build a town and christen it Clear Lake City.

Mr. HANSON, a San Francisco teamster, don't recognize the dueling code;
another teamster sent him a challenge and as soon as HANSON met him, he
smote the challenger with a brick, for which HANSON was fined $20.

J.A. TAYLOR, a gentleman better known by the sobriquet of "Natchez" and
who has kept a shooting gallery, on Clay Street, San Francisco, near the
plaza, for 7 or 8 years past, was killed by being accidentally shot,
last Friday, by John TRAVERSE. The name "Natchez" has become well-known
throughtout the State, from his connections with nearly every duel of
importance that has taken place about San Francisco for years, both
parties agreeing to use his pistols and getting him to load them.

The great subject of interest about Humboldt Co., is the trouble with
the Indians. On the 14th, the Indians killed Mr. Paul BOYNTON, about 10
miles from Union. The next morning after the murder of Mr. BOYNTON, they
attacked PARDEE'S ranch, Mr. BARNEY, one of the partners, and Mr. PARDEE
went out and were fired upon, miraculously escaping with their lives and
to town. The Indians drove off all their stock and the ranch was
destroyed. Then they killed a cow at ANGEL'S ranch on Wednesday night
and carried it off. (does this mean that the report of Pardee's death
in Aug. was in error??)

Died at Petaluma, Sept. 30, 1858, of putrid sore throat, Cordelia
Augusta, eldest daughter of Edward and Sophronia SWIFT, aged 7y 8m 8d.

At San Jose, on Monday, Henry COHEN went to Frank LIFFENEY'S room and
was forceably ejected. He would not stay put out, however, but returned
and assaulted LIFFENEY, stabbing him slightly in two places. Why he
wanted in the room is a mystery.

John KELLER, was convicted of killing H.A. BUSH, in Sacramento, and has
been sentenced to the State prison for life.

On Wednesday, Eliza Ann HEYDEN, 13 years of age, daughter of Dr. HEYDEN
of Santa Clara, was burned so badly that she died the next day. She went
into the orchard with her visitors, where they built a fire to cook
their tea, when her skirt ignited and instantly her person was enveloped
in flames.

<<<<<<< Oct. 8, 1858 issue: >>>>>
Awards from the Fair of the Mechanics Institute, San Francisco, from our
area, went to: Mrs. H.L. WESTON, Petaluma, worsted work, "Daniel
Mrs. H. L. WESTON, one case of Hair Work..........Mr. BURBANK, Petaluma,
Samples of Butter........Mr. WARD, Petaluma, Samples of Cheese.

Married in East Liverpool, Ohio, Aug. 26, 1858, Hamilton GASTON, Sonoma
co., to Mary Ann WALLACE, Calcutta, Columbiana Co., Ohio.

Married at the residence of Esquire BRYANT, Vallejo, Oct. 5, 1858,
E.L.N. KING to Emma COY.

Born to Mr../Mrs R.T. MONTGOMERY, editor of the Napa Reporter, Napa
City, Sept. 28, 1858, daughter.

Died at Petaluma, Oct. 4, 1858, Andrew Keener, eldest son of Capt. Robt.
C. and Elizabeth A. SWAIN, aged 6y 6m.

John COLLINS, of Iowa Hill, Placer co., was killed at Victoria, on the
13th inst., by being shot by one, William MORRIS, who was recently
pardoned out of the California State Prison.

<<<<<<<< Oct. 15, 1858 issue: >>>>>.
A honest hack driver in San Francisco, named John EARLY, found a large
sum of money, belonging to one A.W. CLARKE, and restored it to the
owner. He was presented by Mr. CLARKE a valuable watch.

Married at Petaluma, Oct. 10, 1858, Henry BROCKER to Mrs. Sarah HALL.

Born to Mr./Mrs. A. GERICKE, Tomales, Oct. 3, 1858, daughter.

Born to Mr./Mrs. F.H. COE, Sonoma, Oct. 9, 1858, son.

Born to Mr./Mrs. O.T. BALDWIN, Petaluma, Oct. 12, 1858, daughter.

Born to Mr./Mrs. William PAKS, Salt Point, Apr. 20, 1858, daughter.

Born to Mr./Mrs. George POPE, Timber Cove Woods, Sept. 25, 1858,

<<<<<<<< Oct. 22, 1858 issue: >>>>>>
Mr. James M. CLARKE, of Lakeville, left at this office a beet which
measures 3 1/2 feet in length, is 35 inches around and weighs 35 pounds.

Sim OLDHAM, of Petaluma, has entered his grey mare, "Comet," in two

The Sacramento 'Bee', states that a Mrs. Sarah NEAL, at Cook's Bar, 25
miles from Sacramento, was brutally murdered on the 18th inst., by a
Chinaman, who entered her store and attacked her with a knife. The
villian was arrested, hastily tried, and in a few hours was hanging from
a tree.

A man named Charles JONES, was instantly killed at the Noyo River Mills,
Mendocino co., recently, while adjusting a belt to the machinery.

J.B. BOYES, of San Antonio, has exhibited to us, 6 ears of corn - all
good sized, the product of one stalk.

John ALLEN, of Beryessa, with his wife and little son, 2 1/2 years, were
returning home in a wagon from Napa City, when the horses became
frightened, near Suscol, and ran against a stump, upsetting the wagon,
one wheel of which passed over the boy causing instant death. Mrs. ALLEN
was also injured.

Married at Petaluma, American Hotel, 20th inst., Henry RICHARDS to Mrs.

Died the 17th inst., near Liberty School House, Anna, daughter of
William and Sophia MIERS, aged 17y 1d.

Died the 17th inst., near Liberty School House, Edward J., only son of
Jacob and Margaret J. BABB, aged 1y 6m 3d.

The clipper ship 'Visurgis' sailed from Boston Sept. 10th, for San
Francisco, with 65 passengers.

<<<<<<<< Oct. 29, 1858 issue: >>>>>
Pancho PANCHIES, the barkeeper of a Spanish dance house, at the corner
of Broadway and Fifth Streets, was murdered behind his bar on Sunday
night by Francisco RUTERIES, the cook of the house, who affected his

Mr. Michael BARNES has fallen, at the advanced age of 74y 1m 23d, the
aged companion of his bosom still survives him at the advanced age of
72y. The deceased was the eldest of 16 children, born in Wilkes co.,
N.C. Aug. 31, 1784; married on March 8, 1804; in 1827 he moved his
family to Ind. till 1839, when he removed to Ill., where he remained
witnessing a family of 12 children, 6 sons, 6 daughters arrive at
maturity, 10 of whom are now living; 1854 he arrived with son Thomas, on
the Pacific shores, soon after his family joined him here. A kind and
affectionate husband, a man of exemplary character, a devoted Christian,
active in the Baptist church. He lived to witness a progeny of 92
children, grand-children, and great-grand-children, 64 of which are now

Edward H. SARGENT, was killed Saturday night, at Shaw's Flat, by a
person named Thos. BROOKS. They were playing cards, when a quarrel
ensued, during which BROOKS seized a piece of wood and struck his
antagonist over the head, fracturing his skull, from the effects of
which he died. BROOKS made his escape.

Married at Woodlands, near Petaluma, 27th inst., Randolph HARRISON, San
Francisco, to Eliza R. THOMPSON, 3rd daugher of Judge Philip R.

Married at Petaluma, Washington Hotel, 25th inst., James HUNTER,
Vallejo, to Celia STEWART, Petaluma.

Married at the house of Alexander BARNES, 26th inst., David S. DICKSON,
Marin co., to Sarah F. BARNES.

Born to Mr./Mrs. E. RATHBUN, Healdsburg, Oct. 24, 1858, daughter.

Died at Petaluma, 18th inst., L. Augusta, wife of F.C. PORTER, aged 27y.

Died at Petaluma, 23d inst., Michael BARNES, formerly of Ill., aged 74y
1m 23d.

Albert JACKSON, son of J.J. and Nancy FOSTER, b. 9/5/1853 Jasper, Jasper
Co., Tx. d. 9/30/1858 in Petaluma, aged 5y 25d. Also on 10/19/1858, Mary
Josephine, daughter of same, aged 7y 4m 24d. Born May 25, 1851, Jasper.

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