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Subject: Re: [NEPLATTE] Burials at Lasek and Borowiak sites
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2009 00:45:46 GMT

Diane L wrote: "My dilemma has been and still is whether posting these on a site
could be considered an invasion of privacy since these are church records
rather than public records. Opinions?"
Diane Llitera


Hi Di...............I am one of the lucky ones. Yay! Regarding the privacy concern. The FHL is your prime example. They have copied church records all over the world. (well almost) They were given permission where they did it, and people know they are accessible to anyone. Now, if I went to a church and the pastor asked that none of these be passed on, I would honor that request. Also, most people only want the records for their own relatives.
I encountered some resistance at St. Anthony's at first. Finally, they copied the pages I wanted, but in a way I could see why they might be reluctant. On the same page were two suicides and even though they happened years ago, the priest may have felt like they might be breaching the privacy of the other families. Once they copied it for me, in my estimation I had permission.
At St. Bon's, I was given the book at first, which I sat painstakingly and searched for and copied by hand (just like we did at St. Michaels) After I had been there for awhile, the secretary asked which families I was looking for, went to the files, and pulled out the index cards with those names, asked which I wanted, and copied them for me. Several years later, I was told by someone that they did not get a very nice reception, but by that time I think genealogy had really kicked into high gear and they just didn't have time.
So.........I would say that if you were basically given permission, it should not be a problem of conscience. Of course, on the list, people could just give you names and you could see if they were there and let them know. I know you have the time to do that LOL Kathy B

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