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From: "Shelley Cardiel" <>
Subject: [NDCASS] GRAY - WHEELER - LOOMIS Family Photographs
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 12:24:13 -0700

I've "rescued" two old photographs belonging to the GRAY - WHEELER and
LOOMIS - WHEELER Families of New York. The first is a photograph of Lucina
GRAY WHEELER which was taken at the A. W. Warner Studio in Greene, NY. The
photograph appears to have been taken in the 1880's with Lucina appearing to
be in her 30's or 40's at the time it was taken.

The second photograph is identified as William Guernsey LOOMIS, son of
Jeremiah LOOMIS and Maria WHEELER. This photograph was taken at the Osborn
Studio in Binghamton, NY likely sometime in the 1880's with William
appearing to be about 10 years old at the time. In addition to these
photographs I've also obtained from the same source a photograph of Marius
Welch WHEELER who I believe is a brother to Lucina GRAY WHEELER'S husband
William D. WHEELER.

Based on limited research I was able to gather the following information:

Lucina GRAY was b. 14 Dec 1842 in Greene, NY to parents Samuel J. GRAY (b.
28 Oct 1813 in Greene, NY) and Eliza SMITH (b. about 1817 in Greene, NY).
Lucina was one of 6 GRAY children including, Henry S.; S. D.; Charles D.;
Lucina; George W.; and Jane GRAY all born between 1837 and 1852 in Greene,
NY. Lucina married Will WHEELER (b. about 1838 and living in Greene, NY at
the time of their marriage) about 1862 in Chenango Co. NY. Together the
couple had two children, Jerry WHEELER and Emily WHEELER born between 1864
and 1866 in Chenango Co. NY.

William Guernsey LOOMIS was b. 13 Jun 1879 in Oxford, NY to parents Jeremiah
T. LOOMIS (b. 10 Dec 1836 in Oxford, NY) and Maria Sally WHEELER (b. 22 Jul
1839 in Greene, NY). William was one of 10 children born to this couple
including, Elvira M.; Margaret Ross; Wheaton D.; Charlotte W.; Kathryn M.;
George W.; Frank C.; William Guernsey; one unknown child; and Myrtle L.
LOOMIS all born between 1861 and 1882 in Oxford, NY.

William married Belva Lockwood MANZER (b. 2 Apr 1884 in McDonough, NY) on 29
Jun 1904 in Greene, NY and together they had 4 children including, Millard
Edward; Alberta; Grace Elizabeth; and Ruth Maria LOOMIS two born in Fargo,
ND in 1910 and 1919. William Guernsey LOOMIS died on 27 Feb 1961 in
Seattle, WA.

Census records provide the following information:

1860 census of Greene, NY:

Samuel J. GRAY, age 47, a Farmer, born NY
Eliza GRAY, age 47, born NY
Stephen D. GRAY, age 21, a Farm Laborer, born NY
Charles D. GRAY, age 19, born NY
Lucinda A. GRAY, age 17, born NY
George W. GRAY, age 12, born NY
Jane E. GRAY, age 9, born NY
Christina MANLEY, age 49, born NY
Sarah A. MANLEY, age 9, born NY
+ living directly next door Amos & Jane GRAY
+ living directly next door to them Perry & Marietta GRAY

1880 census of Greene, NY:

William D. WHEELER, age 37, born NY, a Laborer, parents born NY
Lucina A. WHEELER, wife, age 37, born NY, Keeping House, parents born NY
Jarrey M. WHEELER, son, age 10, born NY, at School
Emily C. WHEELER, dau, age 4, born NY

1880 census of Oxford, NY:

Jerry T. LOOMIS, age 43, born NY, a Farmer, parents born NY/Ireland
Maria LOOMIS, wife, age 40, born NY, House Keeping, parents born NY
Wheaton LOOMIS, son, age 16, born NY, at School
Lottie LOOMIS, dau, age 13, born NY, at School
Katie LOOMIS, dau, age 10, born NY, at School
Frank LOOMIS, son, age 7, born NY, at School
William LOOMIS, son, age 1, born NY

1900 census of Greene, NY:

William D. WHEELER, age 57, born Mar 1843, married 31 years, born NY,
parents born NY, a Saloon Bartender
Lucina A. WHEELER, wife, age 57, born Dec 1842, married 31 years, 4
children/3 living, born NY, parents born NY, a Dressmaker
Jerrie M. WHEELER, son, age 30, born Feb 1870, born NY, a Wood Finisher
Emily C. WHEELER, dau, age 23, born Nov 1876, married 8 years, born NY, a
Henry B. WHEELER, son, age 18, born Jun 1881, born NY, at School

I am hoping to locate someone from the family so that these wonderful old
photographs can be returned to their rightful place within the family. If
you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please
contact me.


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