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I was wondering if any of the Carrol family (wives?) may had a
maiden name ROYAL? Alexander, Hardy and Demcy names
appear often in the Royal line.

Jim Cooke wrote:

>My CHESNUTT, COOK, and HOLLINGSWORTH families married
>CARROLLs. They all lived adjacent to or within five
>miles of Six Runs Creek. I see Hardy and Jesse
>Carroll. You can find some data at .
>Jim Cooke
>--- Lura <> wrote:
>>As a follow-up to the letter I wrote last week....
>>A map sent to me (probably 1800-1850 era) shows a
>>spot near the northern end of one part of the
>>NorthEast River near the Wayne County border labeled
>>as CARROLL'S PT. I had not been aware of that named
>>geographical location. Does anyone know how it
>>acquired that name? This would not be too far from
>>the Great Branch that runs into the NorthEast River
>>where William Carrall MAY have patented land in
>>1753. .
>>Let me tell you why I had hoped William Carroll's
>>1753 grant on "the Great Branch of the Cape Fear"
>>would be in the Sampson Co. side near Six Runs Creek
>>where most of the Carroll families lived. If
>>William had come there in 1753, it might suggest an
>>earlier generation for some Carroll families.
>>Several other people and I are working together
>>researching all the 10 Carroll families in the 1790
>>Census. Nine were in Sampson County and one was just
>>across the Duplin County line which had been drawn
>>six years earlier. After years of research, none of
>>us can go back further, although we have many
>>The 1790 Heads of Household are:
>> CARROL Alexander
>> CARROL Demey (Dempsey, Jr.)
>> CARROL Demcy (Dempsey, Sr.)
>> CARROL Elisha
>> CARROL Elizabeth
>> CARROL James
>> CARROL Jesse
>> CARROL John, Sr.
>> CARROL Stephen
>>DNA has proven that Dempsey,Sr., Dempsey,Jr.,
>>Alexander, and Jesse were closely related as we
>>suspected. These all owned adjacent land near Rowan
>>Swamp and Cane/Crain Creek just west of Six Runs
>>Creek. Also living there with land joining were
>>Thomas, Stephen, James, John, Elisha, and at times
>>Moses. We know very little about Elizabeth.
>>Mentioned as witnesses for deeds or wills in that
>>area were also Edmund and Manson. Families living
>>in the same area who we believe intermarried with
>>these Carrolls are Scott and Rackley.
>>DNA has also proven that John W. Carroll (born
>>1789), who was living in the northern part of
>>Sampson around from about 1825 until going to TN in
>>1848, was not closely related to the other group. He
>>may have come into the county later, or there may
>>have been at least two separate lines of Carrolls in
>>Sampson/Duplin County..
>>Jesse C. became prosperous with land, slaves, a
>>mill, and a still - maybe for making beverage, but
>>more likely for distilling turpentine, since the
>>Carrolls were said to be involved in the Naval
>>Stores industry. A few of the Carroll descendants
>>settled in the area, but many families left Sampson
>>by 1820. Known destinations include GA, AL, SC, and
>>TN. My ancestor, Major Hardy Carrell, son of
>>Alexander C. and Lucy Ryal/Royal, married and
>>settled in Stokes County, NC in 1815.
>>Most of us know about our families after they left
>>Sampson, so our main interest in our Carroll
>>research is the period of time BEFORE 1820 and
>>especially before 1790.
>>It is possible that a John Carroll, with his wife
>>Mary and children John, Joseph, Rachel, and Dorcas,
>>was in the area very early, maybe by 1740. It was
>>suggested by Virginia Carroll Foster in her book
>>"Virginia Carrolls and their Neighbors" he might
>>have been an indentured servant who arrived in the
>>colonies in 1736. However, we have been unable to
>>find information about him until his Duplin Co will
>>in 1761.
>>There are several family legends about the origin of
>>these Carrolls who settled on Six Runs Creek. They
>>MAY be related to Charles Carroll or Carrollton.
>>Several brothers MAY have come to the area directly
>>from Ireland or England. They MAY have come from
>>counties to the Northeast. Several Carrolls dotted
>>Bertie, Craven, Northampton, Edgecombe, and Johnston
>>Counties with similar names to those in Sampson. We
>>know a DEMCY and a Thomas lived in Halifax in 1752.
>>These MAY be related to the Carroll family in Isle
>>of Wight County, VA before 1700.
>>Other Land Grants besides the one for William are
>>all located in the area that was Archdale Precinct
>>of Bath County before 1712, Craven Co 1712 to 1729,
>>New Hanover Co 1729 to 1750, Duplin Co (and St.
>>Gabriel Parish) 1750 to 1784, and Sampson Co after
>>1784. [On a map labeled as 1779 at
>> the area is labeled as PELHAM County???]
>>These grants were for land in Duplin Co west of Six
>>Runs Creek near Rowan Swamp and Cain/Crane Creek and
>>located in what became Sampson County. Jesse had
>>land on both sides of Six Runs Creek, and Hardy
>>later received a grant in the edge of Duplin Co.
>>1768 200 ac West side Six Runs
>>1769 100 ac East side of Cain Creek (Which was
>>west of Six Runs Creek)
>>1773 200 ac. East side of Six Runs
>>1770 100 ac E. side of Cain Creek (Which was west
>>of Six Runs Creek)
>>1770 150 ac E. side of Crain Creek (Which was west
>>of Six Runs Creek)
>>1770 168 ac. West side of Six Runs
>>1778 150 ac West of Rowan Marsh (which is W of 6
>>Runs, just north of headwaters of Crane Creek.
>>1772, 1775 100 ac West of Six Runs Creek
>>1785 200 ac (Sampson Co after division in 1784)
>>West side of Six Runs Creek near headwaters of Cain
>>There may be other grants. Several deeds of land
>>bought and sold were also in this area. This is
>>south/southeast of present day Clinton.
>>** Since Article #530 in the Sampson County Heritage
>>Book says, " In 1767 John Carroll sold his interest
>>in his father's estate along Six Runs to his brother
>>Jesse Carroll and moved up Big Coharie," I want to
>>know the name of this Father. It wasn't John whose
>>will was probated in 1761, since he appears to list
>>all his children and there is no Jesse. It wasn't
>>William who patented land on the "Great Branch" IF
>>that was in northern Duplin Co.
>>If you are still reading to here.... Thank you for
>>your interest and any help you might can give us in
>>knowing exactly WHERE the grant of William was
>>located and/or who were the parents of John and
>>Jesse (and any others in the 1790 census.)
>>If there are others researching Sampson County
>>Carrolls with whom I am not corresponding, please
>>write to me at
>>Lura CARROLL Southard
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