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Subject: Re: [NCSAMPSO] Joseph Dawson ca. 1820-1840
Date: Mon, 13 Dec 1999 13:37:12 EST

Dear Helen,

thank you so much for your time and the information. I am printing the email
right now to go over several times and break down the info. It is alot to
digest and compare my ancestor to. I am encouraged by the one who "went

I will be back in touch in a bit and will be happy to reimburse you for time
and expense in the event that I would like copies of the info.

I live in Alexandria, VA and try to get to the DAR Library about once a
month, so perhaps I should see if they have this book in the Williams surname
area as well. Would save you some time.

If you appreciate mixed-up genealogy stories, here's one for the books. A
second cousin of mine who visited my grandfather and his sister often when
they were up in their 80s, related stories to me that they talked about.
Says the Dawson property was on land that Sherman crossed during his march to
the sea; that after the "father" died, their was a huge dispute over the will
and estate, and sides were taken. Some sold out and moved away never to
return to the area. At the same time, she told me stories about our
great-grandmother. When I asked if those came from grandparents, she said no,
that our great-grandmother, Eugenia, spoke to her in her dreams. Well, after
that, I didn't know what to make of this info so I just put it on the back
burner for a while. Then, later, two other things my second cousin told me
turned out to be the truth, albeit twisted from time and multiple tellings,
but anyway, I thought I'd better dig out my notes from that conversation and
pay attention.

Do you happen to know if Sampson Co. suffered from Sherman's march? I could
easily look it up and will, just wondering if I ought to credit her as three
for three if it turns out this is the family for which I have been searching.

Thanks again,
Teri Oaks
6104 Gardenia Court
Alexandria, VA 22310

(just moved here about six months from rural GA and must say I really like
the research sources available.)

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