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Subject: Re: [NCRANDOL] Nehmiah Odell and the REPLACED HEADSTONE
Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2008 01:48:24 -0500 (EST)

Mike & Karen:

I absolutely do not know how you could possibly be more insulting!! To state I am holding "Hostage" any information or documentation from you is the most unbelievable thing I have ever heard. You received all of the information / documentation that I was able to provide. You have it all - there is no more. You also were sent a copy of one of the letters telling what happened to the tombstones in that cemetery.

And to chose to post your insults and accusations in a public forum instead of contacting me directly says a lot about your morals - or I should say LACK OF. After I took the time to drive 45 miles meet you at the cemetery, discuss your genealogy, all free of charge - then yes, do a specified amount of research for you as a paid genealogist. I guess this goes to show no good deed goes unpunished.

I strongly suggest you either go to the Maryland Archives yourself or pay someone else to go. And be sure to take plenty of money with you. Copies from that collection are $20 per box - whether you copy one page or not. And you have a limit of 20 pages total that can be copied from each box. All of this was explained to you already - and this is why no more copies were made by me - also already explained to you. The price was WAY too high for copies. If you want more copies, you'll have to get them yourself.

You are unbelievable!!

Merry Christmas!

Linda Allred Cooper

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>I am offering a "REWARD" to the first person who can
>send me copies of the seversl letters found in the
>Rebecca Downey White Collection, that tell that
>Nehemiah Odell died 11 November 1790, and that his
>original headstone was removed by Charles Allred
>and that a while later was replaced by concerned
>persons. And that the dates were from memory!!
>Now this research was bought and paid for at one
>time, and indeed a part of the research was forwarded
>to me, but a part was held back for some unknown reason
>It is in my opinion that these documents are being held
>HOSTAGE, or for better wording, for better financial gain
>by a prof. Gen.
>Hope to hear from you soon
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