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Subject: Re: [NCPERQUIMANS] 17th Century Death records
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Thiis is an interesting question. I am not aware of a formalized system for
collecting vital statistics in the 17th Century other than church records.
Quakers kept detailed records on events and the "comings and goings" of
their members. The Episcopal Church (not yet established in N.C. in the
17th century) kept baptismal and marriage records, some deaths were recorded
too. There were also family records such as family Bibles where events were
recorded. Incidentally, I understand that in many States a Family Bible
pre-dating formalized gathering of vital events by the State is still deemed
a "legal document" as legal proof of dates of vital events in a family
(marriages, births, deaths, parentage, etc.).

If anyone is aware of other "data collecting" systems in the 17th Century, I
would also be interested in knowing about them.

Gordon Trueblood
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Subject: [NCPERQUIMANS] 17th Century Death records

> I am seeking information on how to obtain death records for 1687. I have
> not been able to find the death for William Wyatt registered for 1687.
> Would there have been a newspaper aricle or obituary on his death. Or
> a marriage announcement for he and his wife Rebecca KENT. He was
> born in Virginia in 1652 to John WYATT and Mary COCKE. John was the son
> Haute WYATT and Ann COX. William is mentioned in Virginia Gleanings In
> England: Abstracts of 17th & 18th century English Wills, and
> Administrations Relating to Virginia and Virginians as the son of John
> and Mary COCKE. His wife's named Rebecca KENT. Where were their children
> born Elizabeth, John, Sarah, Samuel, and Thomas. William and Rebecca
> married in 1675. The children were born between 1676-1684. Thomas being
> the youngest.
> Thank you
> Le
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