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Subject: [NCPERQUIMANS] Perquimans Cemeteries
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 12:11:53 EDT

> Hello List Members
I would like say for the benefie of all new comers to the e-mail
answer your . questions.
> I would like to let everyone know that I am compiling a Perquimans County
> Cemetery Register. As you know there is little information online about
> Perquimans County. I feel that this will be a great benefit to all of us
> researching here. The way we are going about doing this is by people (who
> have ancestors that are burried in Perquimans) sending in their
> information
> to me and it online and also in a register. Everyone has been so great
> about sending in their information. We now have about 340 names listed and
> adding more every day. We can thank our lucky stars that researchers have
> been generiously sending in their lists from all over the country. I was
> contacted just yesterday from a researcher in Texas who is snail mailing
> his list of 100 graves in Perquimans Cemeteries. I think that this is a
> Since Perquimans Chowan and Gates Counties are so closely
> related I would like to ask your help also. If you have an ancestor
> buried in any cemetery in Perquimans or an Unknown Cemetery, please send
> me their names, dates, and the cemetery if you know it, and have your
> ancestors listed.
> Alice

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