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From: a c goodwin <>
Subject: Re: [NCMACON] Re: Thomas Woodfin Rogers
Date: Mon, 27 Nov 2000 15:40:52 -0700

Dear Ron,
I might have a clue for you on the possible later residence of your Thomas

You mention that your Hills lived near Ivy Log in GA. Some of my other
ancestors (Gribbles) also lived on Ivy Log and Gum Log in GA and along
Shooting Creek in Clay County, NC. A bunch of them went west between 1870
and 1885. A few went to Texas, but a huge number of them went to what became
called "the Georgia Colony" around La Veta, Huerfano County, Colorado. I
know there is a Thomas Rogers Cemetery in Huerfano County, and both a Thomas
(d. 1889?, aged 66) and a Frances Rogers (d.1901 or 1910?) are among the
older graves there. My notes show that most of the markers lack dates,
unfortunately. Paul, Jeff, Matilda, and Richard were some of the graves so
late that I did not bother to copy dates; Ann, Tommie, and Ralph were graves
with only names and no dates.
If you are interested in checking the 1880 Huerfano census, ... don't. It's
is a miserable effort in futility, with many pages too faded for possible
interpretation. There was an 1885 Colorado territorial census which is more
readable (film available at the Denver Public Library, but I'm not sure
where else).

It's a long shot that these might be your Thomas Woodfin Rogers and a second
family, but I thought I'd mention it.

Anne <>

Ron Hill wrote:

> I have no future information as to what happened to Thomas Woodfin
> Rogers and his wife Frances. I have not reviewed the later census.
> Some where along the way I recall some remark that Thomas Woodfin Rogers
> left his wife and went west.

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