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From: a c goodwin <>
Subject: [NCMACON] Re: Thomas Woodfin Rogers
Date: Sat, 25 Nov 2000 20:56:50 -0700

Hi Ron,
I am replying to your personal message with a copy to the Macon list, in
case someone else might be interested. Please understand that I have not
spent much time researching the Rogers family.

Ron wrote, in part:
> could this be Thomas Woodfin Rogers b. about 1817
> Buncombe County, NC who married Frances Plemmons
> b. about 1823 and Thomas may have married Frances in
> Macon County, NC.
> My great great grandfather married their daughter
> Sara Jane Rogers, in Cherokee County, NC on
> February 9, 1866.

My Thomas Rogers, b. ca 1770, is NOT identical with yours, but probably
was an uncle or great uncle. Many of the western NC Rogers families are
related to Robert Rogers who is listed on page 187 of the 1800 Buncombe
County census. Robert's widow Frances later moved to be closer to her
oldest son Hugh (Fines Creek area of Haywood) and then nearer his son (her
grandson) David (Macon County). The widow Frances Rogers is buried at
Cullowhee (d. 1828).

In 1800, on the same page with old Robert Rogers, was
Hugh Rogers (b. ca 1760-61, the son who went to Fines Creek);
Thomas Rogers (b. ca 1770, my ancestor who first went to Tennessee where
my ancestress was born 1802, then later moved to Macon County where he is
listed on the 1830 census but not on the 1835 disputed Congressional
election voter list)
David Rogers (b. ca 1779, a younger son of old Robert, David was born in
Mecklenburg County, according to the 1850 Macon County census).

By 1810 in Buncombe, there were 12 Rogers families still there, even
though several had moved to Tennessee or to Haywood County. One of those
families still in Buncombe was that of a Jerremiah [sic] Rogers (b. 1765
-1784), listed two pages away from Robert Rogers, Sr. I do not know
that Jeremiah was a child of Robert, but I suspect he could have been one
of the younger sons. Keep him in mind as I turn to your Thomas Woodfin

I think your Thomas W. Rogers is the one listed at household #306 in 1850
Union County, Georgia
Thomas Rogers 35 NC
Frances 27 NC
Jane 8 NC
Lara [sic] 1 NC
There are not many nearby names that I know very much about, but at
household #320 is David Picklesimer and his wife Nancy (who was born
1793-1799 in NC, probably Buncombe County, and was a Rogers before her
marriage). Nancy was widowed before 1860 and appears on the 1860 and 1870
census in Fannin County, Georgia.

Back to your Thomas. He was listed, as of 23 June 1860, on page 442 of
the Union Co., GA census at household 97
Thomas W. Rogers 43 NC
Frances 35 NC
Sarah J. 18 NC
Laura M. 12 NC

Near Thomas W. Rogers and at #95 was a widow, Elandor Rogers, age 67.
Could she be the mother of Thomas W.? Between her and Thomas was J. M.
Rogers, b. about 1809 NC - his full first name was Jeremiah. This
Jeremiah is not identical with the older Jeremiah of 1810 Buncombe, but
the name suggests the possibility that these Rogers families in this
section of Union Co., Ga were related to some of the Rogers families of
early Buncombe County.

[Note: I think the older Jeremiah who was on the 1810 Buncombe is the same
as the Jeremiah Rogers, age 75, wife Elizabeth age 70 who were on the 1850
Cherokee County, NC census-again, I am not familiar enough with the
families to be sure].

The younger Jeremiah Rogers of the 1860 Union County GA census reappears
in Union at household #359 in 1870, but Thomas W. is not in the same
county any longer. There's a Thomas Rogers, age 52, wife Francis 47 at
household 1127, Nottla township, up in Cherokee County, NC in 1870. I
don't know anything further about them, but they sound like your folks.

Sure hope this gives you some sort of clue towards further research.
Anne <>


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