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From: "W. D. Floyd" <>
Subject: [NCLINCOL] Genealogy Societies
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2010 13:03:09 -0400

I think all would agree that the internet has been a genealogists dream come true but with all things comes stuff that is not so good. In this case practically all genealogy societies are now struggling to try to pay the rent and make ends meet. Sure, there are a few that is funded by their local government. If they continue to slowly use up what funds they have they will eventually fade into non-existance. They are not permitted to make more than about thirty percent of their annual income with fund raisers that is not genealogical or historically oriented or they could lose their tax exempt status. So it is up to us to help take care of this problem. We all have computers, printers, digital cameras and video cameras so why can't we abstract records, copy cemeteries, you know, do all the stuff that we want others to do, and put them in a form that the societies could sell. There are lots of folks that is into genealogy that does not have access to the web and many that don't use a PC.
Here is something that I have done for a local nursing home, i set a video camera up in my vehicle and road down a road videoing out the righ side of the windshield and went thirty minutes down the road turned around and videoed the other side. They seemed to enjoy the tapes very much. All our landscape is continually changing so this could be historically important. I believe we could take photos of houses, churches, schools and old mill buildings, etc. then make DVD's that could be viewed on the TV or PC. This would be invaluble a hundred years later. Just think if this technology had been available two hundred years ago and people had left it for us to have a glimpse of the past. I have many photos and videos of Rutherford Co., NC places and things that are no lomger there and things that are changing today. I don't know whether they would sell for our society or not. Let me know what you think. If we don't get our heads together and come up with ways to create funds for the societies they will be gone. Thanks, Bill

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