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Linda, just getting back into a little research myself. I have your
information on Richard and Dovey. You may be interested that the youngest
child of Shadrack, sarah md a George Holland who may or may not have been
out of Greene where I believe your Richard went. There were 2 George
Hollands in Lenoir by 1850 or so and one was definitely out of Greene. Just
starting with those. I have a Holland line that I am trying to tie into the
ones in Greene, which they probably do. Seems some of these people were
Quaker and marriage was sort of hit and miss.


At 11:55 AM 7/1/2009, you wrote:
>I am as confused as you are about this situation.??Sickness in my family
>has prevented me from doing a lot of research for a while.
>I am going to try and get into it again on this problem.? Have you been to
>the Archives or the Mormon Church to look for any clues?
>May be I can?get to do that this month.? As you know, I come through
>Richard Fields, son of Shadrack, and his first wife Dovey ?.
>We have not located anything on Dovey except she is listed as Dovey Fields
>on some of the Death Certificates.? Was she a Fields and married a
>Fields?? Who knows.? Please give me any suggestions that you might think of.??
>I will?send you some more on my line in a separate email.?
>God Bless,
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>There are a number of Fields researchers on these lists and I have run this
>before with no comment from anyone else so going to try again.
>Shadrack Fields was suppose to have married Mary (Polly) Farmer - proof is
>a little shakey in my mind. All of his children were suppose to be by her.
>I am having some major problems with that assumption.
>Isaac Warters had a Will dated 28 Dec. 1864 prob 28 Jan. 1873. John Fields,
>son of Mary was the Exec as was William Fields - He left his land to Mrs.
>Mary Fields (relict of Shadrack Fields dec) all his real and personal
>property - after her death to be divided between her children John, Susan
>and Sarah Fields Holland
>Why? Was Mary a Warters and not a Farmer despite the caption on the back of
>the picture of her? Or did Shadrack have 2 wives? There is too much
>difference in the assumed ages of John, Susan and Sarah for them to be the
>siblings of a 2nd wife. (according to the census) The wording of the Will
>- to be divided between her children - indicates they were all of her
>children. The Census reports are also worrisome. On the 1850 Census,
>Shadrack was aged 70 living with his son Malichi. Mary was not in that
>household. On the 1810 and 1820 Census Mary is given as being born no later
>than 1794 and most likely much earlier. On the 1830 no older female is
>given but there is one bc 1790 - 1800. On the 1840 Census the oldest female
>is the same age, but there is one the same age as Shadrack in the household
>of Lydia, their assumed daughter. Was this Polly Farmer? On the 1850
>Census, there is a Mary, aged 60 in her own household with children thought
>to be of Shadrack and an infant, Shadrack. Whoever she was, she was not
>the mother of the oldest children of Shadrack. Census records are known to
>be wrong but there are two that are consistent and then the next two are
>consistent. The only proven date of any of the children was William Council
>and he was born in 1814 and I doubt his mother was born in 1800. So did
>Shadrack and Polly get a divorce? D
>id he leave her and live with another
>Mary probably a Warters? Did Polly died and he remarry?
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