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From: Martha Marble <>
Subject: [NCGREENE] Fields
Date: Wed, 01 Jul 2009 10:26:19 -0400

There are a number of Fields researchers on these lists and I have run this
before with no comment from anyone else so going to try again.

Shadrack Fields was suppose to have married Mary (Polly) Farmer - proof is
a little shakey in my mind. All of his children were suppose to be by her.
I am having some major problems with that assumption.

Isaac Warters had a Will dated 28 Dec. 1864 prob 28 Jan. 1873. John Fields,
son of Mary was the Exec as was William Fields - He left his land to Mrs.
Mary Fields (relict of Shadrack Fields dec) all his real and personal
property - after her death to be divided between her children John, Susan
and Sarah Fields Holland

Why? Was Mary a Warters and not a Farmer despite the caption on the back of
the picture of her? Or did Shadrack have 2 wives? There is too much
difference in the assumed ages of John, Susan and Sarah for them to be the
siblings of a 2nd wife. (according to the census) The wording of the Will
- to be divided between her children - indicates they were all of her
children. The Census reports are also worrisome. On the 1850 Census,
Shadrack was aged 70 living with his son Malichi. Mary was not in that
household. On the 1810 and 1820 Census Mary is given as being born no later
than 1794 and most likely much earlier. On the 1830 no older female is
given but there is one bc 1790 - 1800. On the 1840 Census the oldest female
is the same age, but there is one the same age as Shadrack in the household
of Lydia, their assumed daughter. Was this Polly Farmer? On the 1850
Census, there is a Mary, aged 60 in her own household with children thought
to be of Shadrack and an infant, Shadrack. Whoever she was, she was not
the mother of the oldest children of Shadrack. Census records are known to
be wrong but there are two that are consistent and then the next two are
consistent. The only proven date of any of the children was William Council
and he was born in 1814 and I doubt his mother was born in 1800. So did
Shadrack and Polly get a divorce? Did he leave her and live with another
Mary probably a Warters? Did Polly died and he remarry?


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