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From: Gamel <>
Subject: Re: [NCGENWEB-DISCUSS] NCGenWeb search engine, etc.
Date: Wed, 05 Sep 2007 13:57:51 -0600
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Sandy, you must be blind if you can't read your earlier emails to the
list and note the nasty tone in which you wrote them, the mudslinging
being directed to one person and her actions, of which you don't
approve. Your nasty comments toward Nola should have been sent to her
privately if you felt you had to fingerpoint, but you chose to berate
her to everyone on the list and in so doing you made a fool of yourself,
in my opinion. You weren't discussing, you were mudslinging. You
should have just expressed your concerns without berating Nola to
everyone. Who wants to discuss issues with someone who can't be
polite? I don't.


Sandy wrote:

>And Mary, for you to attempt to discredit my concerns by terming them
>"mud slinging" is simply unfounded and untrue.

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