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From: Annie L Wightman <>
Subject: Re: A huge list welcome to Annie Lee
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 12:32:05 -0500

Deanna I haven't the slightest idea how I arrived here. I did apply
for newsletter yesterday and this morning had many messages which
perplexed me. I did know about Wm. Bailey Barco in a query from Jean
Bist and wrote her a long and quite well done letter; Well, I don't know
what in the world I did this time but think Dementor, the computer
phantom, is behind it. Apparently the only thing that went out was my
closing line, and besides that my name and subject Barco appear on my
screen in messages to: box and , no matter what I tried, I could not send
out that original letter or get rid of it. So I sent off a hurried
replacement to J. Bist with less information. I was already exhausted by
the original missal and in a hurry to get ready to go to the dentist. I
can't make paragraphs or make corrections without erasing all the way
back. I send out most things warts and all and hope for the
understanding of an old hand. I thought I was headed for a nervous
breakdown at first and have a rash which is either a computer -caused
dermatitis, guilt bumps or maybe liver disease (my diagnosis) And now
apparently the only way to get a message to you is through NCCURRIT. Ive
put both Addresses in in my ignorance and am praying for delivery--or
deliverance. Just tried the latest instruction on how to
start a new paragraph. No go. I'll just continue to use my space bar.
I also lost all the email I rec'd on Mar 9, including Kay's formula for
getting into Hyde County. I'm embarrassed to ask again. I did copy it
onto a pad but it doesn't behave well. Talk to you later, Regards,
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