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From: <>
Subject: A huge list welcome to Annie Lee
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 09:40:57 EST

In a message dated 3/13/2000 07:11:23 Eastern Standard Time,

<< Very truly yours. I am Annie Lee Midgett Wightman of Staten Island
N.York, born in Kitty Haek, l924. email: >>

This may just be the biggest wall-breaker this list has ever known. Annie
Lee Wightman is FINALLY on line. Let the rejoicing begin.

Believe me world, she is the one to ask. And I can say this because I've
known her all my life, and have special cousin privileges...:), my daddy
being her most favorite double-first-cousin. And here all these years I
thought you were born in Duck, not Kitty Hawk...where did I get that idea?

PS: Cuz, I sure hope you have a big hard drive on that 'puter.
PPS: When I get home I have a bunch of stuff to send you....Tillett stuff....

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