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Subject: Re: [NCBLADEN-L] Lookup request for Dee
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2002 13:16:26 -0800
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Yes that is what happened. It was UGLY as usual. I hate it
when that happens. Is there anything that would clarify any
relationships? That is what I would like if there is
something. If you tell me the article number I can look it
up on my own when I get to the library here next time. I
think they have the same book. Is the 150 the article
number? If so then that will save you some time. You do so
much for us. I would like to do it on my own and not trouble
you more than necessary. Thanks again.

Sharon Dover Romanek
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Subject: Re: [NCBLADEN-L] Lookup request for Dee

So that's what happened to you!
The second entry is from the Sampson Heritage book, and
there is much
more, but nothing that mentions Raiford.
For details on sources used, refer to this link:
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Subject: Re: [NCBLADEN-L] Lookup request for Dee

Thanks so much Dee. I appreciate the lookup. I have been off
line with something that messed up my puter. Had to do a
restoration :-(((( ARGGGG! I hate it when that happens. It
did not seem to be a virus, so not to worry there. Not sure
what it was, but I am back on line again at least. :-) Hope
you had a wonderful Christmas.The first record you list is
mine. Raiford is one of my great grandfathers. Nancy
mentioned is my line from him and she was the first wife of
Reddin Williams. Have not been able to find Reddin's family.
He dropped out of the sky according to a cousin. :-) Ottery
in the first one I suspect to actually be Autry. Is there
more on the second entry or is that it? If it is from the
book where you and I both found the first one, I believe
they are excerpts?? I do not know how the Culbreths fit in
my family yet. Like Bladen County, I am also related to
almost ALL of Sampson County as well. Made it hard when I
was a kid and wanted to go out with someone. They were
ALWAYS my cousin!!! Thanks again.You're a doll.

Sharon Dover Romanek
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Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2001 7:41 PM
Subject: Re: [NCBLADEN-L] Lookup request for Dee

> Hi Sharon,
> Nothing in # 25
> >From # 116
> FAIRCLOTH Samuel 6 Feb. 1807 prob. 15 Feb. 1819
> Wife Elizabeth -
> Dau Nancy Faircloth -
> Son Raiford - 200 ac. land
> Dau -------- - 100 ac. land on Great Cohary, the place
> Archiibald Ottory lived
> Dau Sabry Faircloth - 100 ac. land on Cow Br.
> [Faded, torn, almost impossible to read]
> (signed) Samuel (x) Faircloth
> Exec: ------
> Wit: Archd Colbraith, Alexander Colbraith, John Johnston
> * NC State Archives
> Court Minutes 15 Feb. 1819 - Division of the lands of
Samuel Faircloth
> recorded
> Nothing in # 120
> There is definitely a connection between the Faircloth and
> (Colbreath, Galbreath, etc.) families.
> >From # 150
> "...The minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions
> several entries regarding the property of Daniel
Colbreath. On
> November 15, 1830, the Sampson County Court "Ordered that
letters of
> Administration on the estate of Daniel Culbreath deceased
be granted
> to Joel Williams and Young Autry on their entering into
bond in the
> sum of three thousand dollars with John Williams, Raiford
> and Nicholas Sessoms as their securities..."
> Dee
> For details on sources used, refer to this link:
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> From: sromanek <>
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> Sent: Monday, December 17, 2001 12:00 PM
> Subject: [NCBLADEN-L] Lookup request for Dee
> Dee could you please look in sources #25, 116, 120, 150
> references to Raeford Faircloth and wife Martha? They are
> great great grandparents and I am looking for more on this
> family. I have lots of loose ends to tie up on them and
> descendants. I have tried the Sampson list to no avail,
and hope
> you might have something on them.I would love anything at
all. I
> do have a partial will abstract from a Lucy Faircloth who
> her holdings to Reddin Williams, who was her brother in
law. Lucy
> was the daughter of Raeford and Martha.
> Again,
> Sharon Dover Romanek
> Fax:( 305)675-8045.
> e-mail: PRIMARY
> Researching: Romanek, Gucwa, Dover,Shrader, Tyner,
> Williams, Edge, Smith, Kirksey, DeMers, Murphy, Allen
> It's 2001 ... Do you know where your G-G-Grandparents are?

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