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Subject: FW: [QC-ETANGLO] Post 1901 Census -- 1906 Census records released today
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 2003 10:41:40 -0700

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Subject: [QC-ETANGLO] Post 1901 Census -- 1906 Census records released

Greetings All.

"Genealogists, historians, and researchers across the country won a
major victory today as Industry Minister Allan Rock announced the
immediate release of the nominal records from the 1906 census. Ontario
Senator Lorna Milne (Liberal -- Peel Region) welcomed the news."

So reads the opening paragraph of a News Release issued today, 24
January 2003, by Senator Lorna Milne.

The full text of Senator Milne's News Release, and other pertinent News
Releases, can be found on the Post 1901 Census Project website at

The announced release of the 1906 Special Census of the Western
Provinces is indeed a major victory for genealogists and historians who
have been actively campaigning for this for the past five years. It is
felt that release of the 1906 Census will lead the way for the eventual
release of the 1911 and subsequent Censuses of Canada.

We are grateful to Industry Minister Allan Rock for recognizing what is
right and proper, and doing what legally should have been done in 1998.
We are pleased that the Minister has released the 1906 records in
full, and without restrictions, on the same basis as 1901 and earlier
records have been available.

We are grateful also to MP Murray Calder, and especially to Senator
Lorna Milne for the effort they have put in for us to reach this point
in our campaign.

We have won a major battle, but the war is not yet over. We have yet to
deal with expected legislation that must ensure the orderly and
continued release of Historic Census records, after the legislated
period of closure. We expect that legislation to be brought down
shortly after Parliament resumes sitting at the end of January. We
trust Minister Rock, in drafting the legislation, to remember that what
we seek is the same unrestricted access to records after, now 1906, that
is currently available for records up to then.

Check my latest column giving more details at

Happy Hunting.
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