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Subject: RE: James Mundell b.1688 Uster, Ireland
Date: Thu, 16 Apr 2009 15:04:28 +0800
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I certainly have a James Mundell at that period in the general
Annandale-Ruthwell area and as soon as I am back home from the family
wedding we are attending I will get the details for you. Best
wishes...................Max Scott

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Subject: Re: James Mundell b.1688 Uster, Ireland

Saw your notice in the web and wondered if it may be connected to the
Mundell grandparents I am trying to research.:

James Mundell (also spelt Mundal on some records) married a Jean Price about
1759 in Dryfesdale Scotland. Had 6 children including James born 1761.

I do not have anymore on them but another of James & Jean (Price) Mundell's
sons,Andrew (my 4x great grandfather) born in 1754 had several children one
of which was also named James born February 9th 1792, married a Mary Johnson
and died December 20th 1820. He is buried inthe Ruthwell Parish Church in
Ruthwell Dumfrieshire.

If this sounds like it belongs to your family please let me know because I
have run into a brick wall from here on in.

Thank you
Michelle Wilson
Vermont USA

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Date: 4/9/2009 3:06:02 PM
Subject: Re: James Mundell b.1688 Uster, Ireland

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Hi All,

Well I've ignored this Peebles Parish Record from the LDS site a couple of
times because the date is 10 years off (of birth date, about 1688) and in
Scotland. This document is a christening, not birth, in 1698. I've tried to
cross-reference this in an attempt to disallow or credit it against the
House of Tinwald (Tynewald) records. Their Roberts and James dates don't
correlate so I guess I've disallowed, for now, a connection. I always end up
back in the House of Tinwald (Tynewald) records, as the dates of the
Cameronians religious strife and their James and Roberts are somewhat close
to our James's possible fathers dates. Their problems most probably would
have caused, in some Mundells, the desire and need to escape from Scotland
to Ireland. See House of Tinwald (Tynewald): http://genforum.genealogy
com/mundell/messages/152.html for reference
The reason I tried to cross this is Robert and James (as most of you know)
are very very predominant in the House of Tinwald (Tynewald) even though
that is true in many Mundell families in Scotland, USA, Canada and Australia
So anyway I'm putting this out here to see if anyone else has tried to or
wishes to peruse it, as I will too. Ireland is an absolute dead end. The
Mundell genealogists I had contact with in Great Briton (England, Scotland,
Ireland) say we already have more than most families that migrated have, in
reference to Ireland genealogy, and to not have a parish in Ireland makes
the task insurmountable and even if we did have a parish that it is very
probable the records have been destroyed in the past and continuing civil
strife. The LDS Church is continuing to copy parish records in Scotland and
posting them on their genealogy site so we might get lucky in the future. I
m going to post this or something similar on the Scottish and Irish
genealogy sites to see !
if we might get some help on the descendants or relatives of this James and
Robert Mundell to help us ascertain or disallow a connection to us.

Steven R. Mundell
Phoenix, AZ.

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Christening: 28 SEP 1698 Peebles, Peebles, Scotland


Father: ROBERT MUNDEL Family

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christening date.

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