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I made a mistake on this post. Thomas Duncan Ashley was not Dutch Ashley. Thomas's brother, Jesse, was called Dutch. That's what I get for doing genealogy when my brain has not clicked in.

I have found Sophronia in two census record, the only ones available when she was alive, and I have her marriage records. What I don't know is, why was she using the Ogden name.
I was told she was raised by Vance Ogden. I know her mother appeared in the 1880 census as the head of the household.

Anyone looking for me in the 1940 census would find me with the surname of my great uncle. He raised me and I used his name for many years although this was not my 'real' name.
I was wondering if this was the case and if anyone knew anything about it.

This is not something I could find in records but would have to rely on the knowledge of people who might be related and had heard the story.

I am still trying to get my Ashley book together and I want to add human interest stories, where possible.
I do not intend to drag out skeletons but if there is something that is a known part of the history of the families,
I would like to include it for the sake of members of that family.

This lady had no surviving direct descendants. The yellow fever that took her life also took 3 of her children.
One son survived but died a few years later..

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anyone know the parents of Ellen Sefornia Perry? She married Thomas Duncan Ashley 'Dutch' 10 Nov 1893. She died before 1903 when he md. Lenora Perry 29 March 1903.
I was told that she was an Ogden but she is Ellen Sefornia PERRY on the marriage license.
Thomas's obit said he was first married to Fronie Ogden who bore him 4 children, three of the children preceded him in death.
I found a Sophronia, female, age 6 in the 1880 census. She was in the household of Carolina [Sturdivant] Perry who was the widow of Martin Perry.

In the 1900 census, Sophronia gave her birth date as July 1894, which would make her the correct age. She would have been 13 at the time of her marriage.

Anyone have any idea why she went by the name of Fione Ogden?

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