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From: Sherry or Chuck Bearden <>
Subject: Re: [MSWILKIN] Wilkinson county census
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 22:47:11 -0800 (PST)
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Dear Virginia: I am new so bear with me but have been sorting through the sites and e-mails and figuring this out slowly. I so appraeciate the Nettles, Ashley & Vines info and it was helpful and interesting. One entry on William Thomas Nettles must have been a LA-Sabine Co. TX branch as I have found that one in my records. But I do believe we have it correct that our Wm Thom Nettles comes from Robert, Solomon, Isham Sr. and Wm. Morgan Nettles, his father. My father has memory of "talk" of Isham and clear memory of Wm. Morgan Nettles as Wm Thom Nettles' father. Both of these married Elizabeth Ashleys and both remarried. And Wm Thom named a son Wm Morgan Nettles.
Rev. Isham came from N. Carolina to S. Carolina to Amite Co. MS and brought with him some of his children & spouses as he pioneered throughout MS and LA settting up churches and serving in various posts. The best record if anyone is searching for Nettles is the "Encyclopedia of Founding Families of the Ouachita Valley of Louisiana, 1785-1850. This record documents the church and parish and government or tax or pension records of many in this family. Several in this line served in the American Revolution, which is also noted in this record. Other credits/references are also listed. Our Wm. Thomas Nettles settled in Wilkinson County and died there, but from this recored, many went on to settle in Rapides, Evangeline, St. Mary, St Landry and Caldwell, etc. parishes and on into Sabine Co. Texas. I will continue my search to verify as much as I possibly can as I walk back in time.
My present concern is if anyone may have information on the parents of William Jefferson Wesberry/Westberry/Westbury and Eliza Ruth Davis, who married on 9-9-1858.
Wm Jefferson Wesberry was born 11-10-1824. No birth date on Eliza Ruth Davis Wesberry but her death was 4-11-1893. Some say she was buried in Wesberry Cem., Wilkinson Co., MS but there is no marker. Does anyone know where Wm Jeff. Wesberry is buried, maybe in LA, around Ferriday or Catahoula Parish??

Thank you for the work you do and for allowing me the privilege of access.
Sherry N. Bearden,
Sibley, MS
P>S. I hope I've done this right!

Virginia Ewing <> wrote:
I do enjoy collecting material to share with our subscribers, as do Tina
Hall, and Brenda White.
Both have been great access to the list.
There have been many who shared their research but those two come to mind
because Tina has set up a really great webpage, including the census and
Wilkinson county families, and Brenda goes to the courthouse and digs up
all kinds of interesting things, which she shares with the list.
Not to forget Carolyn Switzer who does the Wilkinson county official
WebPage, and the many others who have shared their family histories
Don't forget to post your queries. You may find a 'cousin' who has the


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