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From: "Barbara Smith" <>
Subject: [MOSTONE] Need lost and any help please #1
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2008 16:18:56 -0700

Hello Everyone,
To big must send in parts #1
I need soooooo much help please.
Benjamin Franklin Bowling married Nancy Jane Wilkerson and they had a son,
Albert Green Bowling that married Sarah Vandella Martin.
Now below are all I have so far.
I also need any help on all these below so please if you are the type of research that shares please send me any information you have on the families below.
I would welcome any and all FTMs, GEDs, also if anyone has any documents on there computer they wouldn't mind to share with me please, please send my way or if you know the website where I can find them please send me the link to it. The cost of buying all these documents should I ever be able to find makes my head spin. I wouls welcome any pictures of anyone is so kind to she.
I have alot of ABT. no marriage places or dates or on birth or deaths and sone L.D. and such for names so if you know these names or who these children married would love that information
The Lorenzo D. Bowling/Bolen/Bowlin family originated from TN and moved to Stone Co., MO during the mid 1850's...
-and the Albert G & Thomas Bowling family originated from TN, but lived in AR during the 1870's, then moved to Stone Co., MO by 1880.
-and the Henry & Frank Bowling families originated from TN, lived in AR thru the mid 1880's, then moved to Stone Co, MO by 1900.

1860 Flat Creek, Stone, MO
Lorenzo D Bowling 32 abt 1828 Tennessee Male
Martha Bowling 28 abt 1832 Tennessee Female
Alonzo Bowling 8 abt 1852 Tennessee Male
Tennesee Bowling 4 abt 1856 Missouri Female
Lucy E Bowling 1 abt 1859 Missouri Female
George Bowling 15 abt 1845 Tennessee Male (perhaps this is a son of Mary J.?)

1860 Flat Creek, Stone, MO (there is a 'Bowling' S. EDEN family living next door)
Mary J Bowling/Bolen 34 abt 1826 Tennessee Female
Benjamin F Bowling 12 abt 1848 Tennessee Male
John P Bowling 10 abt 1850 Tennessee Male
Sarah C Bowling 9 abt 1851 Tennessee Female

1860 Cass, Stone, MO
Jemima Bowling 50 abt 1810 Kentucky Female
Larkin Bowling 29 abt 1831 Tennessee Male
Alford Bowling 26 abt 1834 Tennessee Male
James H Bowling 17 abt 1843 Tennessee Male
Mary Bowling 14 abt 1846 Tennessee Female
George W Bowling 13 abt 1847 Tennessee Male

1860 Cass, Stone, MO
John Bowling 24 abt 1836 Tennessee Male
Dora A Bowling 24 abt 1836 Female
Jefferson Bowling 2 abt 1858 Missouri Male

1860 Cass, Stone, MO
William Bowling 24 abt 1836 Tennessee Male
Prescilla Bowling 20 abt 1840 Missouri Female
Sarah E Bowling 2 abt 1858 Missouri Female
John P Bowling 6/12 abt 1859 Missouri Male
1870 Flat Creek, Stone, MO
Living is August Edwards home, neighbor to Lorenzo Bolen
Benj Bolen abt 1848 TN White Male (this is likely another son of Lorenzo Bolen)
Sarah J Bolen abt 1869 (age 1) Missouri White Female

1870 Flat Creek, Stone, MO
Lorenzo D Bolen abt 1828 Tennessee White Male
Cassendo h Bolen abt 1845 Missouri White Female
Tennesee Bolen abt 1856 Missouri White Female
Lucy C Bolen abt 1859 Missouri White Female
Lorenzo D Bolen abt 1862 Missouri White Male
Flora B Bolen abt 1869 Missouri White Female
1880 Pierce, Stone, Missouri
Albert G. Baling abt 1853 Tennessee Self (Head)
Vandella Baling abt 1857 Tennessee Wife
Marget E. Baling abt 1874 Arkansas Daughter
Mary F. Baling abt 1876 Arkansas Daughter
Elizabeth Baling abt 1878 Arkansas Daughter

1880 Pierce, Stone, Missouri
Thomas L. Baling abt 1853 Tennessee Self (Head)
Elizabeth Baling abt 1861 Tennessee Wife
Lavana J. Baling abt 1879 Arkansas Daughter

1880 Flat Creek, Stone, MO
L. D. Bowlin abt 1827 Tennessee Self (Head)
Casady Bowlin abt 1845 Missouri Wife
L. D. Bowlin abt 1866 Missouri Son
Flora B. Bowlin abt 1868 Missouri Daughter
Thos. J. Bowlin abt 1871 Missouri Son
D. Bowlin abt 1873 Missouri Daughter
Florance Bowlin abt 1875 Missouri Daughter
Charles A. Bowlin abt 1879 Missouri Son
Thank you all so much,

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