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Subject: [MORRISITES] Geo. Dove's Roll of Membership
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Utah History Information Center
call number: PAM 9569c1
[Gift of William Mulder]
Reorganized Church Library
Roll of Membership, Names of Persons Baptized into the Fulness of the
Published by Geo. S. Dove & Co. 1886 [8 pp.]
Roll of Membership
Names of persons baptized during the administration of Joseph Morris, at
South Weber, Utah Territory, in the years of 1861 and 1862.
Adams, William
Alvy, Richard D.
Alvy, Sarah
Anderson, Andrew
Anderson, Ann
Anderson, Niels
Anderson, Mary
Anderson, Matilda
Anderson, Christian
Anderson, Jorgen
Anderson, Maren
Anderson, Abelone
Anson, Mary
Armstrong, Anne C.
Astel, Joseph
Astel, Esther
Babbington, Thomas
Baker, Mary Ann
Banks, John
Bar, Labrach
Bar, Anne
Baxter, Agnes
Baxter, Henry
Beck, Niels R.
Bevington, Elizabeth
Bowen, James
Bowen, John
Bowman, John
Bowman, Agnes
Brett, Richard H.
Bright, Ann
Bright, John
Bright, Benjamin
Brooks, Nathan
Brooks, Elizabeth
Brown, Alonzo
Brown, Anne
Bryne, Moses
Bryne, Catherine
Bryne, Ann
Bull, Agnes
Bull,William F.
Bull, Mary Ann [p.1]
Callon, Mary E.F.
Carlton, Margaret F.
Chamberlain, Mary
Chamberlain, Ann
Chamberlain, Emma
Chamberlain, James
Chamberlain, William
Chappel, Elijah L.
Chase, Mahlon
Christiansen, Laritz
Christiansen, Mikkel C.
Christiansen, Lese
Christiansen, Charles M.
Christiansen, M.M.
Christiansen, Jens
Christiansen, Johanna
Christiansen, Johanna M.
Christiansen, Maria
Christofferson, Matilda
Christofferson, Andrus
Christofferson, Maria
Christofferson, Maria 2
Christofferson, Ida
Christofferson, Peter
Christofferson, Gertrine
Christofferson, Christian
Clark, Catherine
Clifford, Elijah
Clifford, Matha C.
Cornish, Hannah
Cook, John
Cook, Richard
Cook, Sarah
Cook, Mary
Cook, Margaret
Cook, Ellen
Cook, Hannah
Cordon, John
Cowan, James
Cowan, Janet
Cowan, James, Jr.
Cowan, Robert
Croston, Mrs.
Davies, William
Davies, Anne Elizabeth
Davies, Hugh
Deithelm, John
Deithelm, George
Deithelm, Barbara
Deithelm, Barbara 2
Dove, James
Dove, Alice
Dove, George S.
Dove, Sarah
Dove, Joseph
Dow, Alexander Sr.
Dow, Margaret
Dow, Alexander Jr.
Dow, Fanny [p.2]
Eames, John
Eames, Emma
Eames, Emma 2
Morrisite Roll of Membership -2-
Eardley, John R.
Eardley, Sarah J.
Eliason, Karen
Eliason, Erick
Farley, Robert E.
Farley, Mary Ann
Farley, Eliza
Farley, Mary
Finn, Mr.
Firth, Authur [sic]
Firth, John
Firth, William H.
Forscutt, Mark Hill
Forscutt, Elizabeth
Foster, Margaret
Frances, Elizabeth
Garrett, John
Garrett, Thurza
Garrett, Fenetta E.
Garrett, Hennage
Garrett, Richard W.
Garrett, Jane
Geertson, Lars Christian
Gray, John
Gray, Elizabeth
Gudmundson, Gudmund
Gudmundson, Mary
Gudmundson, Christian
Gudmundson, Lawritz
Guhl, Soren Peter
Guhl, Maren
Guhl, Marian
Hanson, Lars Christian
Hanson, Lars
Hanson, Rasmus
Hanson, Lena
Hanson, Christian
Hanson, Christian 2
Hanson, Bertie
Hanson, Hans
Hanson, Rasmus
Hanson, Andrus
Hanson, Andrus, Jr.
Hanson, Niels
Hanson, Martha Lena
Hanson, Mattie
Harris, William
Harris, Sarah
Hartle, Isabella
Hastings, Mary Ann
Hastings, Winter
Hegg, Ann
Hegg, Svend
Hewitt, Philip [p.3]
Higham, Charles
Higham, Jane
Hill, William
Hill, Ann
Hill, Ann 2
Hill, Eleazar
Hill, William H.
Hodgkiss, Thomas
Holt, Eliza
Holt, Alice
Holt, James
Holt, Mary Jane
Jacobson, Niels
Jacobson, Caroline
James, Reuben
James, William
Jenkins, Rosser [see below: Rosser, Jenkins]
Jensen, Lese
Jensen, Jorgen
Jensen, Karen Kristine
Jensen, Hans
Jensen, Andrea J. [hard to read initial]
Jensen, Andrus
Jensen, Marian
Jensen, Christian
Jensen, Jacob
Jensen, Else Maria
Jensen, Jens Christian
Jensen, Else
Jensen, Stine
Jensen, Christen
Jones, William
Jones, Rhoda
Jones, William J.
Jones, Ann
Jones, Margaret
Jones, John E.
Jones, Grace
Jones, Edmund
Joramsen [sic], Niels
Kendell, William
Kendell, Johanna
Klemgard, Peter C.
Klemgard, Kirsten M.
Klemgard, Lena
Knudsen, Hans
Klingbeck, Solsan F.
Klingbeck, Jacob C.
Klingbeck, Karen M.
Klingbeck, Karen
Klingbeck, Frederick V.
Kragskaw, Karen Jensen
Kragskaw, Peter X. S.
Kragskaw, Maren K.
Kragskaw, Christiana M.
Kruberg, Saren Jensen
Laird, James [p.4]
Laird, Catherine
Laird, Mary
Larsen, Lars Christian
Morrisite Roll of Membership -3-
Larsen, Lars
Larsen, Hannah
Larsen, Maren
Larsen, Niel
Lee, Andrew
Lee, Charlotte
Lee, George
LeBaron, Alonzo
LeBaron, Sarah
Ledgeway, John
Ledgeway, Jane
Livingstone, R. J.
Livingstone, Isabella
Lloyd, Edward
Lloyd, Margaret
Loasle, John C.
Loasle, Anne Elizabeth
Lorensen, John Peter
Lorentzen, Charles
Lorentzen, Josephine E.
Lundgreen, Christian
Madson, Karen
Magee, William
Magee, Sarah
Magee, Sarah 2
Magee, Ellen
Mallan, Stephen
Mallan, John
Marsh, Joseph
Marsh, Mrs.
Mason, Andrew
Mason, Rebecca Ann
Mather, James
Mather, John C.
Mather, Mary
Mather, Margaret
Mather, Ellen
McCue, Peter L.
McCue, Mary
McCue, Peter
McCue, Mary Ann
McCue, Unity
McKune, Emma
McLean, Caroline
Meilheden, Peter P.
Meilheden, Anne
Merrick, John
Michaelson, James
Michaelson, Laritz
Michaelson, Maria
Mikkleson, Anne
Miller, August
Miller, Henry
Miller, Regina
Miller, Henry Jr.
Miller, Pauline
Moller, Saren [p.5]
Morris, Karen
Morris, Mary
Morrison, Niels
Moss, Joseph
Moss, Peter
Moss, Joseph Jr.
Moss, Mary
Moss, Edward
Moss, James
Moss, Elizabeth
Moss, Hiram R.
Moss, Alice
Mortensen, Jorgen
Mortensen, Olive
Mortensen, Niels
Moxon, James
Mudd, Matthew
Nash, George
Nash, Maria
Nielsen, John
Nielsen, Christine
Nielsen, Christian
Nuttor, William
Nuttor, Dinah
Olsen, Rignald O.
Olsen, Michael
Olsen, Rasmus
Olsen, Anne
Olsen, Ole
Olsen, Lars
Olsen, Anne Maria
Orsted, Sophia
Park, David Sr.
Park, Caroline
Park, Ann
Park, Martha
Park, Ellen
Park, David Jr.
Park, Hugh
Park, Joseph Hyrum
Parker, Thomas
Parson, John
Parson, Elizabeth
Peacock, James
Peterson, Peter
Peterson, Soren
Peterson, Hans Peter
Peterson, Anne
Peterson, Anne C.
Peterson, Ludwig
Peterson, Metta A.
Petersen, Hans
Peterson, Kershon
Peterson, Neils
Petersen, Jens
Petrie, John
Petrie, Mary
Poulsen, Jens
Poulsen, Anne Christian
Price, Josiah
Rasmusson, Rasmus
Morrisite Roll of Membership -4-
Rasmussen, Hans C.
Rasmussen, Peter F.C.
Rasmussen, Caroline H.
Rasmussen, Chas. C. F.
Rasmussen, George T.
Reed, Joseph
Reeves, Robert
Reeves, Elizabeth
Richie, James
Richards, William
Richards, David
Richardson, James
Richardson, Jane
Richardson, George
Richardson, James
Richardson, William
Richardson, Aerilous
Robertson, Sophia
Rodgers, William, Sr.
Rodgers, William, Jr.
Rodgers, Frederick J.
Rosinblad, Olaff Olafson
Rosser, Jenkins [actually Jenkins, Rosser]
Rothwell, Amelia
Roydes, Robert
Schweiber, Anne
Smith, John
Smith, Martin
Smith, Daniel
Smith, Maria E.
Smith, Elizabeth Jane
Smith, Susannah
Smith, Heber
Smith, Henry
Smith, Mary
Smith, Elizabeth Jane
Smith, Emily R. Melly [or Nelly]
Smith, Matthew
Smith, Anders Christian
Smith, Hans Peter
Sorenson, Peter
Sorenson, Kar[sic] H.
Sorenson, Anders
Sorenson, Christine
Sorenson, Sine
Sorenson, Anne M.
Sorenson, Hannah
Sorenson, Celia
Sorenson, Brooer
Sorenson, Olaff
Sorenson, I. C.
Sorenson, Marian
Sorenson, Anne
Sorenson, Christianna [p.7]
Svenson, Peter
Svenson, Ellen
Svenson, Bekka
Taylor, Abraham
Taylor, Ann
Taylor, Emma
Taylor, Joseph
Thomas, W. P.
Thomas, Griffith
Thomas, William W.
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thompson, Soren
Thompson, George
Thompson, Francis
Thompson, Emma
Thompson, Niels
Thompson, Hannah
Thompson, Margaret
Thommussen, Anne C.
Trahern, John
Trolsen, John
Trolsen, Anton
Trolsen, Etta Elizabeth
Walker, William
Walker, Mary Ann
Warner, Joseph
Warrander, Alexander
Werner, Ingray
White, William
White, Hannah
White, Fountain A.
Willadson, Soren
Willadson, Anne M.
Willadson, Else Maria
Willadson, Maren
Willadson, Christian
Wilcox, James Sheppard
Williams, Thomas
Winn, Mr.
[Totaled in pencil at 430. There are also penciled notes identifying
officials of the Morrisite church:
John Banks, Prescy.,
John Cook, Apostle,
Richard Cook, Presidency,
James Cowan, Apostle,
James Dove, apostle,
John R. Eardley, Apostle,
Mark Hill Forscutt, Apostle,
Gudmund Gudmundson, Apostle,
William Harris, Bishop,
Niels Jacobson, Apostle,
John E. Jones, Apostle,
William Kendell, Apostle,
R.J. Livingstone, Apostle,
James Mather, Apostle,
John Parson, Apostle,
Abraham Taylor, Apostle,
John Trolsen, Apostle
[174 Scan names]
All the names that we found in the record book are in this list. We feel
assured that there were many persons baptized whose names were not
recorded. G.S.D. & Co.
San Francisco, May, 1886. [p.8]

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