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From: "jimcheryl ho" <>
Subject: Re: [MORRIS] Morris' of Mongehelia county WV
Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2005 14:00:11 -0400
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Do you have any info on a Morris family line or lines that may have come
from Wales to southwestern Pennsylvania? The family that I am researching
was in Pennsylvania prior to 1850 and then went to Missouri then on to
Oregon and then to Washington between 1850 and 1885. I cannot find any
family ties in Pennsylvania even though census records say they were born
Some of the names in this family are Jesse, John and I believe James. My
grandfather said his family came from Wales and this is all I have to go on.
Were there any state boundary changes in the southwestern Pennsylvania area
that you know of? Fayette county is the area that I am most interested in.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks, Cheryl

>Subject: Re: [MORRIS] Morris' of Mongehelia county WV
>Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2005 00:56:56 EDT
>Regarding the book "Morris Migration"
>it has an index in the back, but last names are in alphabetical order and
>only morris and their first name and page number for each, plus other
>that somehow are related thru marriage
>the book is about part of the morris family who eventually moved to
>with speculation about john morris born 1677 wales who came on the ship
>"william galley" in 1697 to pa-6 passengers in his party
>it details mainly some of the descendants of Richard Morris born 1722 and
>times John Morris 1737, who the author says may be the sons of John 1677
>i believe the author Anne Morris Mertz is from Morris Morris I (one), son
>Richard Morris 1722
>whose daughter Rachel Morris married Morris Morris II (two) , the son of
>Richard's brother John- they were cousins
>it follows this family to indiana during some very hard times for pioneers
>she mentions John Morris 1677 and states that a Thomas Morris born 1691
>-died circa 1760 from Maryland records was probably a brother of john 1677
>and that a Morris Morris and William MOrris from Maryland records may
>possibly be other brothers
>the book shows a few maps with the path they took from
>philadelphia-southwest-and just below pa and across thru maryland
>then va, west va-then ohio is right there-
>where west va comes up between ohio and pa-wheeling is right there
>then down the ohio river past point pleasant and over to cincinnati and
>kentucky--some of the trip was on barges
>some of the morris family went to indiana and some to ohio and then iowa
>even missouri and even the west coast like washington state
>but none in the book show tennessee anywhere that i can see
>but there are sections of the family missing in the book
>are the tennessee morris from the group that were in north carolina
>because a lot of carolina pioneers it seems went to tennessee?
>does anyone know about where the tennessee morris come from to help this
>person? were they english?
>this book is about the Morris from Wales
>but then, Lewis Morris and that group were from Wales also?they came to
>america much earlier
>the book mentions the history of the Chepstow castle in wales and mentions
>briefly Mawr Rhys-
>Rhys Fitzgerald in the 1100's received the title "GREAT" and became
>which is how the name MORRIS came about
>there is also the English Morris and so on-----
>sorry but I looked thru and couldn't find anything on the different names
>that noted they had lived in tennessee
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