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Subject: [MORGAN] Will of Thomas Morgan f/o ( ? ) Mordecai, Bedford Va.
Date: Fri, 25 May 2001 18:58:27 EDT

Hello All,

I've been lurking on the Morgan List for about a year now. I'm working on
Capt. Richard ( ap ) Morgan d. 1764 Frederick Co., Va., and his family. I was
interested with the resent messages on Mordecai Morgan of Va. and Ky., I've
collected some information on a Mordecai, in Bedford Va., I'm posting what I
have maybe it will someone.

REF: The National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol. 1-85, 1600's-1900's
pg. 191 Additions and Corrections, " Lewis Morgan of Bedford County, Virginia

MORGAN, Thomas, dated 01 Apr. 1774 probated 23 May 1774 ( Bedford County
Wills, Va., A-1, 1763-87, pp. 207 ff. ) Oaths by Wm. Hancock and Elisha Inman.
He named wife Ester ( 420 acres whereon I now live, during her life, then it
shall fall to my son Abraham; all my movable estate at her death to be
between her children ); children Lewis and Thomas ( 2s-6d each ), Ann Kinsey,
Elizabeth Vardiman, John Morgan, William Morgan, Leatice Richardson, Mary
Morgan, Susanna Morgan, Samuel Morgan, Hanar Inmon, and Reeace Morgan ( 1s-3d
each ), Phedby and Reachel Morgan ( one cow and calf each ), Morgan and
Mordecai Morgan ( my old plantation, only there is to be ten acres reserved
off from it to be added to the place whereon I now live, and there is to be
200 acres to be take off the 600-acre tract at south end and is to be added
to my old plantation ). Wife Ester and son Samuel executors. Signed by mark "
T "

NOTE: It's not clear if Ester was Thomas' only wife, with wording of her
children, also Mordecia and Morgan Morgan, might be from a different marriage
or grandsons and /or father and son??

REF: The Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, 1750-1930, Vol. VI, Bedford County
Marriage Bond, pg. 964
1794, 9, 6. Mordica & Elizabeth Nickols, dt. Bazdel. Morgan Morgan, Surety.
M. by
John Ayers, Feb. 3, 1791
1792, 2, 23. William & Sarah Inman. Consent of William and Susanna Inman.
Morgan Morgan, Surety. M. by same Feb. 23, 1792
1793, 3, 2. Abraham & Patty Dearen, dt. John. Mordecai Morgan, Surety. M. by
same Mar. 7, 1973
1802, 1, 6. Reace & Lovey Snyder. Mahlin Snider, Surety. M. by same Jan. 7.
1806, 1, 29. Abraham & Rosanna Millirons, dt. Betsy Millines. James
1806, 9, 22. Morgin [ Morgin ] & Sally Vaughn. Morgin Morgin, Sr., Surety.
of Jason Meador, guardian
NOTE: Next marriage was 1818 and goes to 1855
pg. 903 of the same.
1817, 2, 7. William T. & Lucy Morgan. Mordecai Morgan Surety. M. By John
Feb. 10, 1817

REF: Kentucky Marriage to 1850
MORGAN, Mordecai 02 Nov. 1798 TURNER, Caty
MORGAN, Easter 28 Dec. 1797 RUSHBROOKE, Robert
( this is the earliest marriage of a Morgan in Madison Co., and there aren't
many, but the Turner's show up with Edward m. 06 Oct. 1789 MOBERLY, Lucrecia,
and many other Turner marriages. )

I really hope this helps someone, I've been working on our connection with
the Morgan's for about 10 yrs. now. I'm finding the deeper I dig the more all
these families are somehow connected, ie. wills, deeds and marriages to the
same families.

Our line is :
1) Richard ( ap ) MORGAN, Capt. , d. Frederick Co. Va. ca. 1763
m. Jane ( Taylor, not proven, also only known wife )

Richard was a bondsman of Alice ( Scholl ) VanMetre, widow Isaac d. 1748, in
abt. 1751 to a Mr. Morgan, first name unknown, possibly a brother or cousin
to Richard. Elizabeth VanMetre, sis. of Isaac & d/o of John, m. Thomas
Sheperd/Shepherd, thier son David Shepherd, clerk of Frederick/Berkeley Co.
Va., mention William s/o Richard Morgan as ' cousin ' on state documents.

Does any one know were Richard Morgan, d. 1763, was born and the date?? I'm
becoming more convinced that he may have been born in America. I can't find
much on him before 1732-4, in Va., no port of entry??

And NO he wasn't the father of Gen. Dan. Morgan, our family has called him a
' cousin ' . I think he may the son of the Morgan who married Alice Scholl
VanMetre. Her father-in-law John VanMetre's will of 1745, was witn. by a
Edward Morgan ( who this was I don't know, but the VanMetre and Scholl
families came to Va., from the Chester and Phil. Co's areas of Pa., with
other Morgan's from the same. )

2) William MORGAN, eldest son, 1723 Pa. ( ? ) d. 1788 Shepherdstown
m. ca. 1750-4 Drusilla Swearingen d/o Thomas ( there is a D.A.R. listing that
states she was his 2nd. wife?? )

3) Rawleigh MORGAN, prob. 4th son, 1768-1824 Shepherdstown ( NOTE: There was
a Rawleigh, born. 1757 son of this William, this is either a wrong date for
him or there were two sons named Rawleigh, and the first died young. Richard
Morgan lists in his will William's oldest sons Ralph, George and Abraham, in
1763, the Rawleigh b. 1757 would have been listed. We have the old family
Bible of Rawleigh Morgan 1768- 1824 and second wife, Eliza Richards, also
letters and deeds. )

M.1st. 1790 Berkeley Co., Lydia Swearingen d/ Thomas Swearingen, she died
aft. 1802 bef. 1807
a) Thomas MORGAN, b. ca. 1792-3 d. aft. 1811, mention in uncle Thomas
Swearingen's will of 1811, poss. bef. 1833, deed in Clark Co. Ky, mentions
aunt Drusilla ( Swearingen/ Morgan ) Thornburg and sister Drusilla ( Morgan )
Williams., Thomas possibly settled in Ky., Rawleigh had a land grant in 1792,
Military ( co. not named, general ) for 500a on watercouse Sulfer Ck. Fk.. I
have no other information on him, poss. married and had children in Ky.
b) Drusilla MORGAN, b. ca. 1796 d. 1844 at 48 yrs., m. Charles Bell Williams,
had Priscilla Bell Williams m. Nimrod Friddle, had children, and Edward Owens
Williams m. Sarah Wolf Whiting, had children

M. 2nd. bef. Sep. 1808, Martha Elizabeth ' Eliza ' Richards, father unknown,
mother was Martha d. 1844

4) Martha Laura Elizabeth MORGAN, ' Laura ' 1815-1895, twin, only child to
marry of Rawleigh and Eliza Morgan.
m. 1st.1832, Dr. Richard Parran Jr., of Balitmore & Calvert Co.'s ,
1810-1851, s/o Richard Sr. and Mary ( Dare ) Parran, of Calvert Co.
m. 2nd. 1859 Thomas Harris ' Harris ' Towner, d. 1862, wounds from Civil War
both other these marriages were in Shepherdstown.
m. 3rd. 1866 Balitmore, Thomas Swearingen, died after wife.
no issue from 2nd. and 3rd. marriages

5) Elizabeth Morgan PARRAN ' Lilly ' , 1835-1916, 2nd. child of 5 Parran
m. 1859 Lt. Col. William Fitzhugh Lee Jr., 1832-1861, 2nd. charge of the 1st.
of Manassas. Son of Rev. William F. Lee Sr. and Mary Catherine Sims Chilton.

6) Laura Morgan LEE, only child, 1861-95
m. 1880 Col. William Augustus Simpson, 1854-1930, s/o George Washington and
Caroline ( Hanson ) Simpson, of New York City.

They were my husband great-grandparents, though thier dau. Elizabeth Parran
SIMPSON who m. 1st. Harold Steelman NAYLOR, s/o John S. and Julia ( Steelman
) Naylor of Philly. Mary Dare Parran, 1836-1907, one of the Parran girls,
who m. Dr. Alexander Tinsley. Thier son, Dr. Alexander Lee Tinsley, who in
abt. 1835 started to work on this line. He left many notes, letters and
deeds, also he worked with Alice Norris Parran, a relative by marriage. She
was the one put together the Maryland Families books, submitted by others and
has many mistakes, but her records and reseach on this family has been fairly
sound and can mostly be proven.

Please if anyone has any information on Richard ( ap ) Morgan, with ref.'s,
ie. deeds, wills, or old books, I would love to have it. These old books and
others things gives me a place to start really looking.

Penn. information on Mordecai Morgan to follow,

Kathleen R. L. Whelihan

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