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Subject: [MONTGOMERY-L] Fw: Descendants of Alexander Montgomery d.1767/8 Orange County, NC
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Date: Thursday, April 27, 2000 12:44 AM
Subject: Descendants of Alexander Montgomery d.1767/8 Orange County, NC

I am seeking your support in terms of collecting signatures on a petition to save the original homeplace and adjacent cemetery of Alexander II, son of Alexander Montgomery (Old Alex or Alex I.) who migrated to NC in late 1750's from Albemarle/Amherst Co., VA., and what would later become the homeplace of Alexander II's brother James Montgomery and wife Rebecca Davis. The home is located in Caswell County, formerly Orange Co.,N.C.on part of their father Alexander's original NC tract.

The plan is to have the owner donate approximately five acres with the home and cemetery to the local historical society, who would renovate/preserve the grounds and building. There may eventually be a fund set up through the historical society, a tax exempt entity, that would be designated specifically for this project. If you would be willing to support this effort financially in the future please let me know as well. This would obviously give more credibility to this cause, as an indication that there are others out there who believe this place is worth saving. As a rural county that is finding that it has the potential to attract tourist dollars by preserving/showcasing it's many antebellum homes and other historic buildings; restoring a 1760's homestead could further enhance a sense of historic character by reaching back to those early pioneer days almost a century before the War.

I have sent copies of the petition to all the other Regional Vice Presidents in the Clan Montgomery Society. At the recent Loch Norman Highland Games in NC over twenty signatures were collected. I have received several signatures from Clan Montgomery members in TN and NC. A good start, but we need your help to get as many signatures as possible, and they don't have to be just Montgomerys.

Please email me at:

Indicate if you would like to receive the following:
1. A copy of the petition
2. An artist's rendering of the home as it might have looked in the late 1700's
3. A present-day photograph of the home
I will forward this info snail mail. If you have any thoughts on ways to insure the success of this project, I look forward to your suggestions. Please mail completed petitions back as soon as possible!

For those who may be descendants of James or brother Alex, a brief descendancy (as noted in Clan Montgomery and other personal files) follows:

Children of Alexander d. 1767/8 and Mary (possibly his second wife):

1. William (1727-1780) killed by Indians on the Green River (Lincoln Co.), KY married to Jane Patterson
2. Alexander II (1740-1780) married Martha Walker (1745-?) in 1760
3. John (1732-1784) d. Amherst, VA , married Martha Miller
4. Mary (1726-1808) d. in KY married Robert Barnett (1725-1787)
5. Elizabeth b. ca 1730 married William Maxwell
6. Anne b. ca. 1732 married William Edmonson
7. Michael (1749-1820) Caswell Co., NC. married Jennett Finley (1755-1843)
8. Jane b. late 1740's married Edward Maxwell
9. James (1752-1838) married Rebecca Davis (1754-1837)

Children of Alexander II and Martha Walker:

1. Alexander III (1762-1831) b. in NC m. Mary Elizabeth Johnson
2. John (1764-1845) b. in NC m. Susanna Elizabeth Porter (1763-1802)
3. Michael (1765-1836) b. in VA (or NC?)
4. Phillip (1766-?) m. Margery McClintock in 1814 in Floyd Co., KY
5. Joseph (1768-?)
6. James (b.1770-1780) b. in VA m. Elizabeth Gibson (1767-1830) in 1794
7. William (1779-1856) b. VA m. Sarah Gibson (1780-1859)

Children of James and Rebecca Davis:

1. William (1778-1870) d. Iredell Co., NC m. Sarah Mattock (1784-1863)
2. John (1780-1856) d. Iredell Co., NC m. Martha Clay
3. James II (1782-1858) d. Iredell Co., NC m. Kitturan (Kitty) Connally (1785-?)
4. Jane (1784-?) m. David Davis (1780-?)
5. Michael (1785-1845) m. Lucy Davis (1789-?)
6. Edward (1787-?) m. Tabitha Pinix
7. Rebecca (1789-1886) m. William Gattis
8. Archibald Davis (1791-1870) d. Rowan Co., NC m. Eliza Lewis
9. David (1793-1847) d. Caswell Co., NC m. Jane Bethell Watt (1806-1854)
10. Abraham (1795-1837) d. Iredell Co., NC m. Nancy Hatchett
11. Mary (1797-?) (referred to as "my daughter Polly Long" of Wilson Co., TN in James' will) m. Alexander Long (1795-?)

Thank you for your support.
J. David Montgomery
CMSI East Region VP (NC, SC, TN)

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