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Subject: Re: [MON] Rhiwderin
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2008 07:49:49 +0000
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Wow! Thanks so much, Jane. This must be the house I was looking for, I'm sure.

Not sure about the farm you mentioned in your other e-mail. The writing on the copy cert. was very clear, but perhaps the person who wrote it misunderstood the writing on the original. Think I will contact them and ask them to have another look. Thanks, too, for the suggestion re the 'smelter.'

Again, sincere thanks for your prompt reply and help.


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Re-sending as I seem to have had finger trouble with your e-mail addy. Sorry!

Hello Diane
With a little bit of research on I found a house called Llywn Deri, Rhiwderin, NP10 8RQ.
If you go to google maps, type in the postcode, zoom in on the satellite image, it looks like a large house, possibly a farmhouse. Less success with "Portstank", sorry.

Kind regards
Jane Dyer.Dianne <> wrote:
Has anyone any knowledge, please, of either a place called 'Llwyderi' in Rhiwderin or what looks like 'Portstank' Cottage, also in Rhiwderin. I have looked in all the usual places, such as the gazetteers, as well as doing a Google search, but no luck. I did manage to discover that Rhiwderin is near Bassaleg, amongst other places. These addresses were given in a marriage certificate from 1935. Bit of a shot in the dark, I know, as they are probably just house names. However, the lady of the marriage was a domestic servant, and I just wondered whether Llwyderi might have been the name of the house where she worked. Her father is shown as a 'woodman on landed estate' so perhaps it might have been the same place? Also, the groom was shown as 'Box Trimmer at Steel Smelting works.' Where might that have been, please. Newport? Any info would be gratefully received. Many thanks.Dianne_________________________________________________________________Welcome to the next generation of Windows Live unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message
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