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Subject: Re: [MOMILLER] Emma Robinett
Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2007 02:44:58 EST

How interesting...The only other Sherman I found was Ervin Sherman who
married the two Eva's, but I didn't think he had any other wives. However...I
looked at that death certificate and Emma's husband Sherman was born in
1866...same year as Ervin Sherman! I think it must be the same guy although when I
spoke to his son several years ago, he didn't mention another wife. I think
the 2nd Eva died in that correct? Emma died in 1845, so she and
Sherman wouldn't have been married very long.

This Robinett search of yours is making me feel very old! The guy who gave
the information on Emma's DC, Lee Asa, was an old friend of my folks. The
Dr., Myron Jones delivered my siblings and myself!.


I found a death certificate for Emma Robinett Jan 1881-May 1945. It lists
her husband as Sherman. Merrill Robinett and Stella Workman were married in
1903, so their son, Sherman wouldn't be of the right generation.

Emma's maiden name was Jones, daughter of Lou Jones and Drew Ann Blunt. She
was born in Zebra and lived in Brumley when she died.

I hesitate to ask, but does anyone have another Sherman?

Nancy T

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