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From: Linda Reichert <>
Subject: Jefferson County Record - March 1, 1917 - Volunteer Transcription part 7
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2006 22:06:13 -0600

Volunteer transcription - Linda in MO - part 7

Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, Mo
March 1, 1917
Vol. XIII, No. 10

Lewis Howard JOHNSTON et al to Jo[h]n SHERIDAN and wife, 98 acres, in
[continued next column]

[ page 2, column 2 ]

sec. 6 - 39-7, $1500.00.

Wm. O. TOWNSON and wife to John KEATON, 1-2 acre, sec 4-38-5, $1.

D. S. FRAZIER and wife to Herman WIBBLE, 10 acres sec. 24-41-5, $300.

Chas. SEYPOHLTOWSKY and wife to H. H. JAMES, interest in lots 1, 2, 3,
4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 in block 8, of Landsdowne add. De Soto, $50.

Rudolph STADLER and wife to Albina DAHL, 40 acres 34-41-4, $2000.

James R. OGLE and wife to G. M. AND N. C. EAVES, 107.52 acres sec.
7-40-5, $2,000.00.

G. A. AUERSWALD to Sam’l. E. MORRIS for life Ida H. JOHNSON remainder
East end lots 35, 36, 37, 38, bluck[sic] 3 J. W. FLETCHER’S Add. to De
Soto, for $1,000.00

Michael BOYER to Chas. WALDRON, lots 7, 8, 9, ,10, 11, and 12, block 6
Mont. Pleasant Add. De Soto, $280.

~ Antonia and Vicinity ~

Farmers are getting busy sowing clover and oats.

There has been a great deal of sickness here this winter.

Mrs. E. BERGMEYER is very low and not expected to live. The Squire is
also sick with a relapse of the grippe.

Chirsh MEYER who has been sick for the past three months is not much

Mrs. M. BAUMBACH is reported a very sick woman and also their three

Chas. KLABLE has a sick boy at a St. Louis hospital.

Ben REICHMAN who was taken to the Alexian Bros. Hospital some time ago
is not any better.

Geo. MARTIN, A. HEILIGTAG, Geo. VOGT, Bn FRIEDMAN and several others
have been under the weather for some time.

Frank BOTTHEVE lost his house by fire on the 22nd. Very little was
saved When discovered the whole upper story was on fire, a strong wind
blowing at the time soon reduced the house to aches. It was insured in
the Rock Township Mutual Insurance Company.

A girl was born to Chas. DEKER and wife two weeks ago.

Chas. BAUMBACK, Jr. rented the Barnhart farm and moved there one day
last week.

W. H. STRAHER is very busy making all kinds of handles for which there
is a ready sale.

Ed GRAHAM, our basket maker, is now busy making ties for Geo. VOGT.

Percheron stallion, Black Napolion Reg. P. S. of A. NO. 121,958, coming
four, weights 1570, also a good Jack coming four.
S. P. HARRIS, Barnhart, Mo.

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