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Subject: Jefferson County Record - March 1, 1917 - Volunteer Transcription part 5
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Volunteer transcription - Linda in MO - part 5

Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, Mo
March 1, 1917
Vol. XIII, No. 10

[ page 1, column 6 ]

~ Third Annual School Exhibit A Big Success ~

Rock Township Comes 150 Strong Festus and Crystal City Schools Have
Splendid Programs.

The third annual exhibit of the work of the rural, schools closed
Saturday afternoon, after a three day session. The weather being
perfect, and the roads in remarkably fine condition, a fine attendance
viewed the display running up into nearly a thousand each day. The
displays, of writing, examination papers, sewing, carpentry, useful
fancy articles in wood and in textiles, was most excellent. There were
numerous handmade garments, tatting, crocheting, drawing, painting,
baking (biscuits and cake), besides collections of native woods,
grains, seeds, etc., and as a whole is pronounced superior to the
exhibits of former years. There is genuine improvement in beauty and

The programs each evening and afternoon in the court house were greeted
with packed audiences, of visitors and town people. Supt. R. B. WILSON
and wife are to be commended for this splendid exhibit in all its
phases, for it is invaluable to bring the county youth and the school
system as an investment before the public.

??? Creek school came in a bus procured from Gravois Bus line. Miss
Emma LISKI is their efficient teacher.

Antonia school, Geo. M. STAAT teacher came thirty-six strong in Fred
BUECHTING’s truck, all very enthusiastic.

Miss Mae MEYER with 26 pupils [f]rom Moss Hollow came in Peter PAULS
truck, and were a happy bunch.

Seckman school with their devoted [a]nd enterprising teacher, Miss
Hannah BOLLEFER were conveyed to Hillsboro in w. ROESCH’s truck and
were a merry party.

Eighteen automobiles brought the Festus school with their splendid
superintendent and teachers who “displayed” well, both in the exhibit
and on the program.

Crystal City delighted Saturday and ences[sic] with their splendid
singing. They have a singing supervisor.

May field, House Springs, and Hillsboro put on programs that were
highly enjoyable.

The McGHEHAN school, of about thirty pupils arrived in ROUSSIN’s truck,
coming over 15 miles. The teacher Miss Effie DIXON, a much loved

Miss Alvina BOLLEFER brought her eight school in the SCHWALBERT-ROESR
truck and they had a fine time of it.

High Ridge came 30 strong, with Roy LEE, their efficient teacher to
pilot them among the wonders of the exhibit. This is a good school with
good teacher.

~ Road Building Is Both A Science And Art ~

Road building is both a science and a art. This fact accounts for many
of our difficulties in carrying out satisfactory road programs. On the
one hand the scientist is inclined to over [e]mphasize his interests in
a manner [t]hat makes progress economically impossible. On the other
hand the practical road builder depends too much in his skill to the
exclusion of fundamental scientific facts, and thereby ]f\ails to
secure durable construction.

A judicious combination of science and art is needed to make any road
program successful over a number of years. The men responsible for the
work must be thoroughly grounded in science, and they must likewise
have a comprehensive knowledge of what has been accomplished in a
practical way. They must profit from the practical mistakes of others.

The engineering schools are trying to train men who shall have a lively
understanding of the whole field; who shall be thouroughly[sic]
grounded in the physical sciences, and who shall have developed
sufficient practical sense to go around an obstacle, if unable to go
over it, rather than stand still.

Every state that has begun a program of road building is calling for a
larger number of experts of this type. The University of Missouri,
through this need, but up to the present her men have been obliged to
go out of the state for employment. She has furnished Kansas with a
State Highway Engineer and Illinois with three men heading important
bureaus a large number of others who are division and district
engineers. The ????? of the Hawes road bill [unreadable] an opportunity

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