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From: Linda Reichert <>
Subject: Jefferson County Record - March 1, 1917 - Volunteer Transcription part 4
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2006 00:30:39 -0600

Volunteer transcription - Linda in MO - part 4

Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, Mo
March 1, 1917
Vol. XIII, No. 10

[ page 1, column 3 & 4 ]

~ Ashes are Valuable ~

hat [sic] serve as insect harbors and weed

Now is the time to burn brush piles centers. Unleached wood ashes
contain about 6 per cent potash, 2 percent phosphoric acid and 30 per
cent ime [sic] Think what this would mean to [t]he garden or potatoe
patch. A fertilizer firm has written as follows to W. L. NELSON, of the
Misouri[sic] Board of Agriculture: “We are desirous of getting in touch
with corn shellers who are burning their cobs, so that we can buy the
ashes for fertilizer purposes. For thse[sic] we are paying $2.50 per
unit of water soluble potash and they contain from 15 to 30 per cent or

~ The Weather ~

Forecast for the week beginning Sunday, February 25, 1917. For the
Plains States and Upper Mississipppi[sic] Valley: At the beginning of
the week local snows will occur over the northern, and rain over the
southern parts of these districts with warmer weather followed by fair
and considerably [c]older Tuesday and Wednesday. After Wednesday the
weather will be [g]enerally fair with rising temperature.

~ Marriage Licenses ~

James McKAY.................Crystal City
Mrs. Mary LEAR .................Crystal City
Gim GALIANO .................Crystal City
Stella PHILLIPS .................Perryville, Mo.

[ page 1, column 5 ]

~ Children Want Homes ~

There is a seven year old, brown eyed, energetic youngster who is most
anxious for a home. He is bubbling over with pep and ought to be in a
home where there is plenty of yard so that he may romp to his heart’s
content and be good and glad to sleep when night comes.

Then there is an eight year old boy who is the quiet peaceable type,
who just wants a home where he will be e loved and in return he will
adore some kind foster parents.

That isn’t all, because there is also a thirteen year old Irish lad who
has a smile that is contagious. He looks Irish and is proud of it. He
doesn’t want to be petted and “fussed over: but he likes to have people
“notice him” and “pleasant”. Some family with a grown son who has made
good will be the place for this lad. He is anxious to be as “good as
the other fellow.”

Oh, yes, there are some girls too, and there are groups such as a
brother and sister, two brothers, three little sisters, and sometimes
even tiny babies.

If you have raised a family and now that they are all grown wish there
was a youngster in the house again, quit wishing.

Or if you are thinking of a child whom you had but a short time and
then lost, don’t you think it would be good for both you and some
homeless child to meet.

Or perhaps even there have never been children in your home. What an
opportunity to make some unfortunate child happy.

The Board of Children’s Guardians 37 Municipal Courts Building St.
Louis, Mo., will be very glad to meet you. If you will write to us one
of the Board’s visitors will call on you at your home.

In some cases the Board will pay a [s]um sufficient to offset the
wants real homes for these children where they will be treated with
love and affection and as members of the family.

~ Probate Court ~

Jas SWALLOW estate; report of sale of real estate filed.

John KOCH allowed $163.50 against esttae[sic] of Fritz MUELLER.

F. H. HEILIGTAG allowed $147.25 against estate of D. Henry DIERKS.

W. B. McCARTY annual settlement filed and approved.

Samuel E. SAFFELS estate; widow is allowed $400 and not exceeding 250
for years’ provisions and order [o]f publication to sell real estate
continued to February Term.
[a]nd approved.

H. BRIMMER and Sons allowed $70 [a]gainst estate of V. PETRON.

Anderson BOWLES estate; annual settlement filed and approved.

February Term.

George MELTON estate; real estate ordered sold.

Semi-annual Settlements Filed:

Frank BAUER estate. Louise BUECHTNG estate, Wm. BLACKWELL estate, John
BROWN estate, Minnie CAMPBELL estate, Mary A. CRAFT estate, John
Minors, Peter BOSTON a minor, Rose Catherine LEONARD, Anderson BOWLES,
a minor.

Final Settlements Filed:

Wilson W. BAILEY estate, Clara BAGE Elizabeth MARSDEN.

Mary Jan ROSS estate; order of [s]ale of real estate.

Harriet WILLIAMS estate; order of [s]ale of real estate.

Letters refused in the following estates: Jacob DUESTER estate, Joseph
S. WILSON estate.

Cyprian TEBEAN estate; further administration dispensed with after a
compromise with B. F. BUSH, receiver of I. M. and S. Ry. for $150.

Michael SINKO, deceased $65.45 is allowed Chas. FAREK.

Settlements Continued.

Sam BYRNS, Albert CHOTT, Jacob DIPPEL, Louis J. EVERARD, Walter L.[or

~ Adolph DINSE ~

Adolph DINSE, whose serious illness was reported last week died
Thursday, February 22nd. He leaves a widow, two step sons and a son and
daughter surviving him. Mr. DINSE has lived for many years near
Hillsboro and was always a hard working man, quiet and peaceable and as
exemplary citizen and a good friend and neighbor. He was buried in the
Hillsboro cemetery. Mr. DINSE was but little over 55 years of age and
was a strong robust man but the strong frame had been undermined by an
attack of la grippe and pneumonia in both lungs proved tooo[sic] much
for even his splendid constitution. He will be sincerely mourned by
those who knew and understood him best for he had a heart that had no
alley of selfishness.

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