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From: Linda Reichert <>
Subject: Jefferson County Record - February 15, 1917 - Volunteer Transcription part 15
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 19:32:27 -0600

Volunteer transcription - Linda in MO - Part 15

Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, Mo
February 15, 1917
Vol. XIII, No. 8

[ page 4, column 4 ]

~ Order of Publication ~
In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Missouri. in Vacation -
Action to Collect Back Taxes and Enforce Lien
The State of Missouri, at the relation and to the use of Chas. J.
SIEDLER, Collector of the Revenue of Jefferson County in the State of
Missouri, Plaintiff, against W. J. F. KIRK and Carrie L. KIRK, his
wife, John J. A. HILGERT, Bert AXLEY, Wm. J. HAMPEL and the acting
Sheriff of Jefferson County, Defendants. ss. No. 2630.
Now, on this 16th day of December 1916, comes the State of Missouri, at
the relation and to the use of Chas. J. SIEDLER, Collector of the
Revenue of Jefferson County, Missouri, by its attorney, and files its
petition herein, stating among other things that the defendants are the
owners of the following described tracts of land, situate in the said
County of Jefferson and State of Missouri, to-wit: The North
three-fifts[sic] of block 12 of the Town of Kimmswick and that the
taxes for the years 1911, 1912, and 1913, amounting to Sixty-eight and
3-100 dollars, are overdue and unpaid; and that the defendant, Bert
AXLEY is a non-resident of the State of Missouri, so that the ordinary
process of law cannot be served on him. It is therefore ordered by the
Clerk of the Court, in vacation, that publication be made notifying,
Bert AXLEY, the said defendant, that an action has been commenced
against him by the plaintiff herein by petition in the Circuit Court of
Jefferson County, Missouri. the general nature and object of which is
to collect the taxes due and unpaid on the aforesaid real estate,
situated in Jefferson County and State of Missouri, for the years and
the amounts above stated, together with the costs of this suit, and to
enforce the lien of the State on said real estate, and that unless he
be and appear at the next regular term in said Court, to be begun and
held at the Court House in the town of Hillsboro, in said County of
Jefferson on the second Monday in May. A. D. 1917, and on or before the
sixth day of said term (if the same shall so long continue, and if not,
then before the end of said term) and plead, answer or demur to the
plaintiff’s petition, the same will be taken as confessed and judgement
rendered accordingly. And it is further ordered that a copy hereof be
published in the Jefferson County Record, a newspaper printed and
published in said County, for four weeks successively, the last
publication to be not less than four weeks before the first day of said
W. J. A. SCHUBEL, Clerk, Circuit Clerk.

State of Missouri, County of Jefferson, ss.
I, W. J. A. SCHUBEL, Clerk of the Circuit Court in and for said County,
hereby certify that the above is a true copy of the original Order of
Publication in the cause therein named, as the same appears of record
in my office.
Witness my hand as Clerk and the seal of said Court. Done at office in
Hillsboro, Mo., this 1st day of December, 1917. [this should probably
be January]
W. J. A. SCHUBEL, Clerk

~ Advertisements found in this issue ~
[not all copy was transcribed]

Castoria - For Infants and Children
In Use for Over 30 Years
Always bears the Signature of Chas. H. FLETCHER
[2 ads, one large, one small]

Prince Albert tobacco
R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO., Winston-Salem, N. C.

Dr. W. H. G. WHITE, Dentist
De Soto, Missouri

Dodge Brothers Motor Car
The J. W. DUGAN Automobile Co.
Herculaneum, Missouri

The St. Louis Daily Globe Democrat

Picture Show

Holekamp Lumber Co.
Yards: Afton, Kirkwood, Old Orchard, Webster Groves, Gratiot Station
St. Louis
Planing Mill, Old Orchard

Henry HURTGEN & Sons.
First Class Horse Shoers
All kinds of machinery repaired on short notice, Try us and see,
Automobiles Repaired

Buy Your Keen Kutter Tools etc.
from R. A. MARSDEN
Dealer in General Merchandise Harness, Shoes etc
Hillsboro, Mo

Sheet Metal, Roofing
Otto HUBELI, Hillsboro, Mo.

Albert MILLER, Attorney at Law, Hillsboro, Missouri

Fred J. MEYER, House Mover, Jefferson Barracks, Mo., Route No. 10

L. A. CHAMBERLIN, Dentist, De Soto, Mo.

Farms Wanted, F. J. ADAMS, Real Estate, Hillsboro, Mo.

Bank of Kimmswick, Kimmswick, Mo.
C. H. GERARD, President
M. ZIEGLER, Vice President

People’s Bank of De Soto

The Jefferson Trust Company, Hillsboro, Mo.

GERARD Milling Company, Kimmswick

The Big Brick Store, J. W. ECKLE, Hillsboro, MO

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