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From: Linda Reichert <>
Subject: Jefferson County Record - February 15, 1917 - Volunteer Transcription part 12
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 19:30:02 -0600

Volunteer transcription - Linda in MO - Part 12

Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, Mo
February 15, 1917
Vol. XIII, No. 8

[ page 3, column 2 ]

Mr. and Mrs. B. A. MARSDEN spent yesterday in St. Louis.

Mrs. W. L. STONE gave a quilting Thursday to about a dozen guests.

The young people gave a little dance at the hall Saturday night, a
“small and early.”

Quite an enjoyable program was presented at the hall Friday evening.
The proceeds go to the Christian Endeavor Society.

Mr. MITCHELL, of St. Louis, is running the linotype for the Record this
week in Mr. SCHNEIDER’s absence, during the illness of his little

Mrs. REPPY is up again after a tree weeks tussle with grip and its tow
or three weeks relapses.

Mrs. Thomas LANHAM is critically ill of stomach trouble and has been
for over a week. Her sister, Mrs. Ruth ASHBY arrived from St. Louis
last night.

Weather is fine and the roads into the county seat are as “smooth as a

Mrs. Edwards WILLIAMS and her small son, of East St. Louis, came down
Monday, and have been visiting kin folk about Hillsboro since. She will
visit her father Judge WINER? before her return home.

W. S. MERKLE, representing the Keokuk dam people has been here some day
looking up the records relative is the location of a line to Festus. It
is quite likely that these people will secure the De Soto plant which
would be an excellent thing for De Soto, as they would instal[sic] a
day current as soon as they could connect with the current from the
dam. It is entirely reasonable to expect them to build a line to
Hillsboro if they get into De Soto.

George W. GASCHE, Robert E. KLEINSCHMIDT and John H. REPPY, were the
Hillsboro contingent attending the Lincoln Banquet in St. Louis, Monday
night. St. Louis is some big town and has some big hotels, but just as
this season they are loaded to the guards. The Maryland, the Laclede
LaSalle, Warwick American, American Annex and Terminal Hotels were all
full. The Planters had only two rooms left and the Hillsboro bunch had
to be content with these. The banquet was a very decided success, there
being about a thousand present from all parts of the state. Gov.
WILLIS, of Ohio, was the principal speaker. Others who spoke were Mayor
Henry W. KIEL, H. T. LINCOLN, of Springfield; G. H. BOEHN of Ava and
Raymond G. BARNETT of Kansas City. At the beginning of the banquet the
loyalty of the Republicans of Missouri in this hour of crisis was
pledged to President WILSON in a toast which ?? drank standing, and
then led by the band sang the Star Spangled Banner.

~ Probate Court ~

Sale of real estate of James MANGAN, deceased, confirmed and
Administrator ordered to make deed.

Final receipts filed in estate of Eli J. McMULLIN and executor

Martin U. GRAHAM’s Adminstratrix ordered to pay interest to Washington
County Bank.

Will of Michael CLOVER deceased filed and probated and letters granted
to W. J. CLOVER.

Estate of O. M. MUNROE: Administrators ordered to sell electric light

W. T. JONES allowed $500 against estate of Veronica SCHMIDT and
executor appeals from decision.

Peoples Bank of De Soto allowed $1820 against estate of W. R. WILLIAMS.

W. A. STOVE and allowed $159.00 against estate of George KIDD, Sr.

John F. HIBBERT deceased letters granted to S. F. HIBBERT.

Inventory and appraisement list in estate of Fritz MUELLER deceased
filed and approved.

Same order in estate of John G. PLACK.

Sale of personal property, in estate of George KIDD Sr. ordered.

Widow of John G. PLACK allowed $400.09

Dr. J. H. PARKER allowed $6.00 against Geo. KIDD estate.

~ Marriage Licenses ~

Nicholas HAAG ................ ?????? Park [probably Valley Park]
Henriette M. GLATT ................ Maxville

Silas CHANDLER ................ Festus
Sadie SCOTT ................ Festus

Aaron D. STROOPE ................ De Soto
Mrs. Marie PAGE ................ De Soto

~ For Sale ~
Choice clover seed, apply at J. WALDORF, Kimmswick, Route 3, Mo.

~ Administrator’s Notice ~
Notice is hereby given that Letters of Administration on the Estate of
John G. PLACK, deceased
were granted to the undersigned on the 24th day of January, 1917 [...]
A. J. WESSLER, Administrator

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