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From: Linda Reichert <>
Subject: Jefferson County Record - February 15, 1917 - Volunteer Transcription part 11
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 19:29:52 -0600

Volunteer transcription - Linda in MO - Part 11

Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, Mo
February 15, 1917
Vol. XIII, No. 8

[ page 3, column 1 ]

How many valentines did you send?

Mrs. John SCHORR of St. Louis, visited her children on Route 1 last

For Sale: Two fresh milk cows. Henry DITTMER, Hillsboro, Route 1.

Misses Anna SCOTT and Stella TREFT of Victoria attended the C. E.
entertainment in Hillsboro Friday evening.

Buy, No. 4 arrived this week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles
DURING. Can’t reach Charley with a six foot pole.

The mild weather and the good roads are bringing out numerous machines.
Hard to hibernate a car such weather as this.

Blue birds are singing and looking for housekeeping possibilities.
Mocking birds, flickers and robins, and woodpeckers have been here all

Sparrows began nest building in the Record porch in the middle of
January, but abandoned the enterprise when spring side stepped into
zero weather.

The new automobile license tags are seen flittin about the streets and
highways. The 1917 color is orange with black lettering. Bright, clean
and nifty.

The many friends of William BRACKMAN of Jarvis will be glad to know he
has recovered sufficiently to return home from a hospital where he has
been under treatment for over two months.

Roscoe B. JONES, of De Soto, was in Hillsboro, yesterday to take up six
thousand dollars of the bonds. The interest coupons for the interest
due on February 1st were clipped up and Mr. JONES pays the interested
that has been earned since then. It is understood that the court will
take up the former issue of $31,000, and this issue of $6,000, and pay
the interest on the whole amount at a very early date, and retire the

~ Hillsboro Items ~

Sunday night a flue in Judge MILLER’s house burned out and the flames
extended several feet above the flue causing an alarm of fire and made
things burn for a short time. No damage resulted.

Tuesday a refractory oil stove in the Jefferson Hotel got befogged with
soot and caused great quantities of black smoke to such an extent that
Otto HUBELI had to get a ladder and open the windows in order to get
the stove out. When the smoke came pouring out it caused some
excitement but Otto soon got hold of the offending stove and set
everybody’s mind at rest. Damage badly smoked ceilings and walls.

J. J. SCHMIDT, Cashier of the German American bank of De Soto and Thos.
W. HARDIN visited Hillsboro yesterday looking after some land matters.

A surprise party on the occasion of her birthday was given Miss Vivian
EVANS, Saturday evening by her sister, Mrs. Frank SPILKER. Nearly
thirty of the younger set were the guests and the evening was
enthusiastically spent in amusements of various kinds. Dainty
refreshments were served. a veritable shower of birthday gifts was

Mrs. Carl CLARK and Miss Esther CLARK visited their grandmother, Mrs.
S. E. CLARK at Jarvis on Wednesday.

The two small children of Mr. and Mrs. Tony SCHNEIDER are seriously ill
of pneumonia with a slight indication of improvement today.

John F. WILLIAMS left Saturday for Kansas in response to a telegram
that his aged father was dangerously ill, and who died before he could
reach him.

Mrs. James REED and daughter, Miss Bessie of Plattin, visited their son
and brother at Herculaneum on Tuesday and as he had business in
Hillsboro on that day they came with him for the trip and to cal[sic]
on the Clark family.

Mrs. Lillie Hemme PENCE of St. Louis is home on a visit.

Miss Katherine MILLER went to High Ridge Sunday to remain with her
aunt, Mrs. WERNER, who has a severe attack of grippe.

Sheriff Frank CLARK has had another wedding in his family. His only
daughter, Miss Esther, while visiting relatives in St. Louis last week,
was quietly married to Mr. Claude LUPKE of Herculaneum. Mr. CLARK’s son
Carl, the deputy sheriff, was married in that city about a month ago.
Only a fourteen year old son left. Abundant good wishes are tendered
the young couple by all who know them.

Hillsboro extends the ‘glad hand’ to all school patrons and friends of
the public school system to be on hand next week to view the “School
Exhibit” and to enjoy the programs given afternoons and evenings. This
will be the third annual and it will be hard to surpass the former
exhibits. Come, see. Exhibit opens Thursday, Washington’s birthday.

Mrs. Bessie KLEINSCHMIDT who has been in St. Louis for treatment the
past month is home again, very hopeful over her slow recovery.

Attorney Albert MILLER and son, Alvin, made a trip to Farmington the
last of the week.

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