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From: Linda Reichert <>
Subject: Jefferson County Record - February 15, 1917 - Volunteer Transcription part 5
Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 18:54:41 -0600

Volunteer transcription - Linda in MO - Part 5

Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, Mo
February 15, 1917
Vol. XIII, No. 8

[ page 1, column 6 ]
[this column is slightly cut off on the right, best guess added in
[brackets] or ??]

~ The Real Facts In The Cas[e] ~

Dr. J. H. PARKER Makes the Follow[ing] Statement to the Public
Concern[ing The] Death of Mike CLOVER.

So much has been said and thou[ght] that is untrue, concerning the
demis[e of] the late Michael CLOVER, I have [con]cluced that it is no
more than r??? to the family, to Mr. HEIDBRINK [and] myself that a
statement of the se??? facts in the case he presented to [the] public.
I am conversant with the fa??? possibly more so than any other ???? I
have no earthly reason to tell as ???
truth about this case. If you h??? heard or thought other than is
rel???? below, and if you love the truth, ???pare to disgorge yourself
of your ???vious opinion, for this is the truth.

Mike CLOVER told Fred HEIDBRINK [and] myself, on Friday before he died
[on] Saturday, that he had been poson[ed.] Told us that someone, he
accused [no] one in particular, had put lye in a ???? containing
whiskey that he had b[een] drinking from. He said he was go[ing] to die
and asked that after his de[ath] that I perform an autopsy on his
b[ody] and ascertain whether or not he [was] speaking the truth.

He was seemingly at the time as s???? as he ever was in his life. I was
w[ith] him an hour and neither heard him [ut]ter a delirious remark or
saw him ??? in any manner other than a man we?? set who had absolute
control of [his] mind. Fred HEIDBRINK who prob[bably] knew him better
than any man on [Be]lows Creek had been with him for f??? hours and
Fred said he was at hims???.

His temperature was not high and [he] was not under the influence of
any d??? at the time that would affects his m[ind].

Prior to that time I had not [the] slightest suspicion of anything of
[the] sort. Some one has said that I [had] said that I suspected
poisoning f[rom] the beginning. I never said it.

He died, as he had predicted. W[hat] were we to do? It was a grave
[and] serious thing to tell what we had b[een] told and a dangerous
thing con??? it. Other than his dying word th[ere] was nothing to
cause us to believe [he] had been poisoned.

Symptoms had developed that kn[ew] were pneumonic in character.
Noth[ing] else. I could sign a death certific[ate] with pneumonia as
the cause of dea[th] with a clear conscience, knowing he h[ad]

We delayed making a decision as [to] what we would do and herein we
[are] to blame. We admiti it.

But put yourself in our place for [one] moment and then tell me would
y[ou] decide in an hour whether you wou[ld] arouse the entire country
and prac[t]cally accuse one of the finest famili[es] in the county, of
murder, or would y[ou] allow the burial to proceed unmolest[ed] and
possibly conceal a terrible crime?

At the eleventh hour we decided ?? an autopsy, hoping that it would
pro[ve] that his death was caused by pneum[o]nia alone and thus save
the family ?? this awful stigma and also save M[r.] HEIDBRINK and
myself from carryin[g] through life the thought that possibl[e] we had
concealed a crime.

There was the happy termination. ?? complete autopsy preformed by
Cor[o]ner FALLET, Dr. LUCKEY and myself, together with a chemical
analysis of th[e] stomach, showed Mr. CLOVER’s suspicion to be

And so ends the case. Mrs. CLOVE[R] remains the same estimable lady,
abov[e] reproach that she has always been ?? the minds of all right
thinking people.

We feel sorry for the family that this trouble came up affording such
scandal mongers and tattlers a chance to get in their deadly work.

I will close by dedicating to this class of people the following verse:

The devil will take the slanderer’s tongue.
He’ll extract the venom from it;
Then he’ll ??? it with hell-eat soup,
And feed the tattlers on it.

Very respectfully,

~ Notice ~
Dr. G. C. WEEKS of St. Louis will make his regular visit to House
Springs February 26th. Remaining for one week. He will be pleased to
see anyone needing dental services.

~ Dear Editor: ~

Please announce in your paper the following: “There will be the regular
services held at Cedar Hill next sunday. Saturday afternoon at 2:30 the
first annual business meeting will be held. All members and friends are
kindly urged to be present it being and important meeting”
A. ?????????

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