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Subject: Jefferson County Record - February 15, 1917 - Volunteer Transcription part 3
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Volunteer transcription - Linda in MO - Part 3

Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, Mo
February 15, 1917
Vol. XIII, No. 8

[ page 1, column 3 ]

~ Farmers Condemn Removal Of Court Term To De Soto ~
F. E. and C. U. of A. Meet In Hillsboro to Discuss Road And Other
Public Questions. Resolutions Against Removal of Court Adopted.

At a meeting of the Farmers’ Co-Operative Union of America held at the
Court House in Hillsboro, February 10, 1917, the meeting was presided
over by Sterling P. MOTHERSHEAD with A. Thos. BAKEWELL, Secretary. The
meeting was called to discuss road matters, the bond issue and other
things vital to t he interest of the farmers.

On the subject of how the bond money is spent Judge Rome BYRD was
called and questioned by George W. HODGES of De Soto. He told the
farmers that each township would “receive its pro rata share of the
bond money. He told farmers that the court did not expect to expend the
money under the contract system, but intended to give as much work as
possible to the farmers themselves where the court was assured they
would get a dollar’s worth of work for a dollar expended.

Bridge work, surfacing and completing roads, the Court expected to have
done by contract.

A resolution was offered by Sterling P. MOTHERSHEAD that a subscription
list be circulated pledging the subscribers to pay the amounts set
opposite their respective names or such portion there of as should be
required to investigate the sets of the court and the legality of their
action in the matter of the bond issue. This may not be the exact terms
of the resolution but is the substance. After some discussion in which
Hon. Homa WEAVER of Rush Tower took a prominent part in opposition to
the resolution it was voted down overwhelmingly.

A resolution was then unanimously adopted which was in effect an
endorsement of the Court and a pledge of loyalty to them in their
efforts to serve the county. Rev. Jasper HAMRICK then offered the
following resolutions and briefly but forcibly stated the reasons for
their adoptions.

James G. BERKELY of De Soto was then called and gave his reasons why
the resolutions should be defeated.

The question being called for the resolutions were unanimously adopted
although there were prominent businessmen and citizens from De Soto
present they either voted for the resolution or was ashamed to vote
against them.

The sentiment among all the farmers with whom we discussed the matter
was without exception in opposition to the proposed law.

The following is the full text of the resolutions offered and adopted:

WHEREAS, Dr. G. A. AUERSWALD, the representative from Jefferson county
has introduced a bill in the legislature at Jefferson City, known as
House Bill No. 582 and Senate Bill No. 430, providing for the removal
of the January Term of the Circuit Court of Jefferson County from
Hillsboro to De Soto; and

WHEREAS, this bill, should it become a law, will in truth and in fact
establish two separate and distinct Circuit Courts in Jefferson county,
which will cause delay in securing Justice, increase the cost of
litigation and materially reduce the usefulness of the Circuit Court of
Jefferson county; and

WHEREAS, said bill provides that the County pay for the renting,
furnishing and keeping of a court room, a Circuit Clerk’s office, a
Sheriff’s office, a library and jury room; that the Circuit Clerk
appoint a deputy who shall be required to keep his office in De Soto
and who would be paid by the County; and

WHEREAS, the furnishing of said pense of five or six thousand dollars
the first year and from Two to Three Thousand Dollars per year
afterward, in addition to the regular expense of the county, no
required, and

WHEREAS, The County revenue of the County is now overdrawn to the
amount of Ten Thousand Dollars and the burden of taxes is already very
heavy upon the tax payers and we fail to see how the citizens of the
county can possibly receive any benefits out of the passage of this
bill except a few favored sons, and

WHEREAS, Hillsboro, the County Seat, is centrally located, is very
accessible and has a Court Room sufficient for present requirements;

THEREFORE be it resolved that the Farmers of Jefferson County in mass
meeting assembled, that it is the sense of this meeting that this bill
is against the interests of the tax payers of Jefferson County, as a
whole; that a very large majority of the tax payers are opposed to the
passage of this bill and that we respectfully ask the members of the
House of Representatives and of the Senate to use their best endeavors
in the defeat of this bill.

A. Thomas BAKEWELL, Sec.
Representing the F. e. & C. U. of A., Hillsboro, Missouri, February
10th, 1917.

~ Big Fire In De Soto Meek’s Store Burns ~
Several Others are Damaged. Owner of Building Has No Insurance.

A fire broke out in De Soto very late Saturday night or Sunday morning.
It was in the block in which the People’s Bank is located. The store of
O. F. MEEKS was completely wiped out. Demetry’s tailor shop was also
pretty near cleaned out as was also the shoe shop owned by a Mr. KRAUS.
The Times was seriously threatened with destruction and suffered some
loss in removing its plant into the street but the building in which
its plant is located was no so badly damaged as to prevent their moving
back. Mrs. S. W. CRAWFORD who owns the building and whose home has been
up stairs over these buildings suffered the greatest loss. Her
furniture and even the buildings where wholly uninsured. It is said
that others who lost by the fire have some insurance. Just how the fire
originated seems to be a mystery and no one knows at just what point it
started. As the fire was practically at midnight it is a wonder that
the damage had not been vastly greater. The fire department are
certainly entitled to credit in keeping the fire confined as they did.
The People’s Bank suffered some damages as did also Eugene C. Edgar by
reason of their very near proximity to the burning buildings.

Another fire occurred shortly afterward in the ZORN building where the
new bank is to be located. a family moved into the upstairs rooms and
built a fire in the fire place, which it seems was not seriously
intended for a fire place for it promptly set the walls on fire and
some few hundred dollars damage was done by fire and water. Dr. R. E.
DONNELL’s drug store was slightly damaged by the water.

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