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From: Linda Reichert <>
Subject: Jefferson County Record - February 22, 1917 - Volunteer Transcription Part 14
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 03:34:04 -0600

Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, Mo
February 22, 1917
Vol. XIII, No. 9

Volunteer Transcription - Part 14

[ page 4, column 1 ]

~ Probate Court Docket. ~
February Term, 1917

Docket of cases in which settlements are due from Administrators,
Ex[ector]s, Guardians and Curators, at the ensuing February Term of the
Probate [Cour]t of Jefferson County, to be held at the Court House in
said County, com[mens]ing on the fourth (4th) Monday of February, 1917.

[Nam]e of Estate - Adm. Guar., Ex. or Cur. - Kind of Set.

Monday, February 26th, 1917, - - First Day

BRADLEY, Daniel A. a minor - Thomas J. BRADLEY, and C - Annual
BERRY, Minors - Edmund KERRUISH?, Cur - Annual
BOSTON, Peter, a minor - Georgia A. Boston, Curr. - Annual
BYRNES, Sam, deceased - Melissa BYRNS, Admix - Final
BOWLES, Anderson T., a minor - Charles BOWLES, G. and C. - Annual
BAILEY, Wilson W., deceased - J. L. BAILEY, Adm. - Final
BAGE, Clara, deceased - J. A. BAGE, Ex. - Final
BYRD, G. W., deceased - Margaret M. BYRD & R. E. Byrd, Exs.
BURDS, John William, dec - Laura C. BURDS, Exx. - Semi-annual
BUECHTING, Louise, dec. - Herman BUECHTING, Ex. - Semi-annual
BLACKWELL, Wm., dec - Wm. BLACKWELL, Jr., Adm. - Semi-an.
BROWN, John, dec - Caroline BROWN, Admx. - Semi-an.
BAUR, Frank A. dec - Chatarine [sic] BAUR, Exx. Semi-annual
CHOTT, Albert, dec - John CHOTT, Ex. - Final

Tuesday, February 27th, 1917, - - Second Day

COYLE, Mary, dec - G. A. WENOM, Ex. - Final
CRAFT, Mary A., dec - Elijah BURGESS, Ex. - Semi-annual
CAMPBELL, Minnie, dec - Michael S. CAMPBELL, Adm. Semi-annual
DONNELLY, Elsie, Huck and Frank, - A. G. MEDLEY, G. and C. - Annual
DIPPAL, Jacob, dec. - Henry DIPPAL, Ex. - Final
DICKINSON, Walter L. dec - sarah E. DICKINSON, Exx. - Final
DONOVAN, J. F., dec. - Julius DONOVAN, Admx - Final
DICKHUT Fred, dec - A. G. MEDLEY, P. Ad. - Semi-annual
ENGLEBACH, John, dec - Dora ENGLEBACH, Admx. - Semi-an
ENGLEBACH, Louis, dec - Harold ENGLEBACH, Ex. Semi-annual
ECKLE minors - John W. ECKLE, cur. - Annual
EVRARD, Louis J., dec - Eliza Jane EVRARD, Admx. - Final
GRAHAM, Charles E., a minor - J. W. PATTERSON, G. and C. - Final
GNICKWITZ, Robert, a minor - J. F. WALTHER, G. and C. - Annual
HAGUE, George, dec - P. S. TERRY, Adm. - Final

Wednesday, February 28th, 1917, - - Third Day

HASTINGS, F. M., dec - J. W. HASTINGS, Adm. - Final
HUSKEY, Delia S., dec - Albert AGER, Adm. - Semi-annual
HEMME, Kate, dec - John F. MEIER, Ex. - Semi-annual
KARTE, John Frederich Carl, dec - Martha KARTE, Exx. - Final
LEWIS minors - R. B. JONES, Cur. - Annual
LEONARD, Rose Catherine, dec - Rudolph LEONARD, Ex. - Semi-annual
MARTIN, Vianna, dec - D. D. McLANE, Ex. - Final
MILES, Alex, dec - Alice MILES, Admix. - Final
MAHONEY, M. D., dec - E. J. MAHONEY, Ex. - Final
MARSDEN, Elizabeth, dec - C. MARSDEN, Adm. - Final
MOORE, Jesse Wm., dec - Florence B. MOORE, Admx. - Final

Thursday, March 1st, 1917, - - Fourth Day

MELTON, George, dec - A. G. MEDLEY, Adm. de bonis non - Fi.
MAUPIN, Stanley, a minor - W. W. MAUPIN, G. and C. - [not entered]
McMULLIN Minors - F. E. McMULLIN, G. and C. - Annual
McMULLIN Minors - Archie McMULLIN, G. and C. - Annual
McELWAINE Minors - Mary McELWAINE, G. and C. - Annual
McMULLIN, Harry, a minor - John L. McMULLIN, G. and C. - Annual
McCARTY, Minors - William McCARTY, G. and C. - Annual
McCARTY Wm. B., a minor - Emmet McCARTY, G. and C. - Annual
NANSEL, William, dec - Geo. VOGT, Adm. - Final
POHLMAN, Annie, insane - A. G. MEDLEY, Guar. - Annual

Friday, March 2nd, 1917, - - Fifth Day

PUCKETT, James Allen, dec. - Edmund KERRUISH, Ex. - Final
PARKER, Elijah T., dec - H. Ellis VAUGHN, Ad. de bonis non - Fi.
REMICK minors - R. B. BOYER, G. and C. - Annual
RUESS, Edward Simon, dec. - Mary RUESS, Admx. - Semi-annual
SCHUBEL, Henry Louis, dec - F. E. SCHUBEL, Adm. - Final
STATZEL, Hannah, dec - A. G. MEDLEY, Adm. - Annual
SCHMIDT, August, dec - George MAHN, Ex. - Semi-annual
SAFFELL, Samuel E., dec - Bessie SAFFELL, AAdmx - Final
SCHULZ, Bruno, dec - Ludwig SCHULZ, Adm. - Final
TUCHUMPERT, Peter, insane - Felix LEUTZINGER, Guar. - Annual

Saturday, March 3rd, 1917, - - Sixth Day

TULLOCK, John W., dec - Mary TULLOCK, Admx. - Final
TULLOCK, Walter, dec - J. E. TULLOCK, Adm. - Final
WILSON, Minors - Jennie WILSON, Cur. - Annual
WILLIAMS, Harriet, dec - E. D. SMITH, Adm. - Final
WHALEY, Harvey, dec - Arthy WHALEY, Admx. - Final
WYNN, Mathew, dec - Magdaline WYNN, Exx. - Final
WEAVER, John I., dec - Mrs. E. AA. WEAVER, Admx. - Annual
WHITESIDES, Naomi, dec. - G. A. WENOM, Adm. - Final
YATES, Ramond, a minor - Arthy WHALEY, Curx. - Annual

J. P. MILLER, Judge of Probate Court

~ Notice of Final Settlement ~
All creditors and others interested in the estate of
Alex MILES, deceased
Mrs. Alice MILES, Administratrix

~ Notice of Final Settlement ~
All creditors and others interested in the estate of
Cordelia MUNSON, deceased
Ida E. WILLS, Executrix

~ Notice of Final Settlement ~
All creditors and others interested in the estate of
Naomi WHITESIDES, deceased
G. A. WENOM, Administrator, de bonis non

~ Notice of Final Settlement ~
All creditors and others interested in the estate of
Mary COYLE, deceased
G. A. WENOM, Executor

~ Notice County Warrants ~
County warrants which are registered will be paid January 16, 1917.
Frank DIETRICH, Treasurer

~ AD ~
Sheet Metal, Roofing
Hillsboro, Mo.

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