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From: Linda Reichert <>
Subject: Jefferson County Record - February 22, 1917 - Volunteer Transcription Part 12
Date: Wed, 18 Jan 2006 02:16:01 -0600

Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, Mo
February 22, 1917
Vol. XIII, No. 9

Volunteer Transcription - Part 12

[ page 3, column 1 ]

Dr. W. H. G. WHITE, Dentist
Old Post Office Building - Phone Office 197 Residence 197
De Soto, Missouri

Dodge Brothers Motor Car with Dodge Brothers Service
The J. W. DUGAN Automobile Co.,
Herculaneum, Missouri

The St. Louis
Daily Globe Democrat
The Globe Printing Co., Publishers,
St. Louis, MO.

Picture Show
West Kimmswick, Sunday at 2.00 p.m.
Maxville, - - Wednesday Nights
Barnhart, - - Friday Nights
Fenton, - - Sunday Nights

The Record is Now $1.50. Pay Up.

[ page 3, column 2 ]

~ All Over Jefferson ~

For Sale: Two fresh milk cows. Henry DITTMER, Hillsboro, Route 1.

The associate editor has recovered from the Grippe and went to the City
Tueday[sic] on Business.

Kerry DAHL has purchased the John ?tadter? farm about a mile north of
town and will keep his home near the county seat.

Frank DIETRICH and Clyde WILLIAMS were in Jefferson City last week.
They went up to attend to the matter of registering the new refunding
heads? of the county.

Raymond ASHBY a nephew of Mrs. LANHAM’S came down last week to visit
the family and was here during the illness of his aunt which terminated
in her death Monday.

William and Adolph NOLLMAN of High Ridge were Hillsboro visitors
Tueday[sic]. They were here on business connected with the purchase of
some real estate in which they have an interest.

Adolph DINSE who lives about a mile north west of Hillsboro is
suffering with a severe attack of pneumonia. As he is a strong hearty
man his recovery is confidently looked for by his friends.

Judge W. C. KEREKHOFF was in town Tuesday and was looking up the title
to the CHARLES farm which the Judge is about to purchase from W. R.
DONNELL, the executor of the will of Catherine CHARLES.

William A. WILSON passed through Hillsboro yesterday morning with a new
Maxwell ear. He used his old Maxwell about four years and took it up to
the St. Louis Agency and traded it in for the new car.

Herbert MURTGEN came dangerously near to ???ng his skull crushed
yesterday when a mule he was shoeing kicked him on the forehead. It
made an ugly cut but Herbert treats the matter as through it was an
ordinary event in a day’s work.

W. J. CLOVER and his brother, Walter, were in town last week and
visited the Record office. Walter came up from Georgia where he has
lived for the past eight years to attend his father’s funeral. He is
pleased with the south and has no intention of returning to Missouri.

Our town folks seem to be somewhat musically inclined. Dick MARSDEN
bought himself and family a new Victrola last week, and Dr. MOCKBEE and
Ross DONNELL are about to or have invested in the same sort of
instruments. Frank CLARK and Mrs. Chas. H. KLEINSCHMIDT also own
Victrolas, so that Hillsboro is well supplied with music of the classic
as well as other sorts.

~ Real Estate Transfers ~

Mable C. THOMURI to W. R. DONNELL; Part lot 5, Gamels sub in sur. 1948,
Festus, consideration $700.

Wm. H. RINKER and wife to James HEDGEPETH; lot 6 Stephenson’s sub. sur.
747 cont. 7.28 ac., consid. $100.

Henry BAUER and wife to Henry E. COURTOIS, lot 3 of lot 10, McAllester
sub. Festus. Con. $1,200.

John M. WILLEY and wife to A. O. WHITE and kife; lots 7, 8, 9, 10, 11
and 12, blk. 4, Mount Pleasant addition, DeSoto, Consid. $1,500.

George C. DUGGE and wife to Louis BOHLE; 15 acres, sur. 397, con.

Louisa GONZ and Lenora GONZ to Wm. GONZ and wife, lot in Cedar Hill,
con. $1,400.

G. E. ENDERS and wife to Fred L. GERBIG, lot in blk. 25, DeSoto.
Consideration $1.00.

Jos. LAROSE and wife to Waggener Store Co., lot 18, blk. 1 addition 1
Crystal City, consideration $2,150.

Lucinda E. WILSON and husband to Jas. S. McKEAN, 280 acres sec 30-41-4.
Consideration $250.

The regular services of the Evangelical church at Cedar Hill will be
held on Sunday, March 4th at 10 a.m. Services will be conducted in
English. Everybody is cordially invited.
S. Peter GOEBEL, Pastor.

~ Administrator’s Notice ~
Notice is hereby given that Letters of Administration on the Estate of
John G. PLACK, deceased were granted to the undersigned on the 24th day
of January, 1917, by the Probate Court of Jefferson County, Missouri.
All persons having claims against said estte are required to exhibit
them for allowence to the Administrator within six months after the
date of said letters, or they may be procluded from any benefit of said
estate; and if such claims be not exhibited within one year from the
date of the last insertion of the publication of this notice, they
shall be forever barred.

This 24th day of January, 1917
A. J. WESSLER, Administrater

~ Public Sale ~
I will sell my personal property at public sale, Tuesday, March 6,
1917. For particulars see posters.
Hillsboro, Mo., Route 1

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