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Subject: Jefferson County Record - February 22, 1917 - Volunteer Transcription Part 7
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 16:42:49 -0600

Jefferson County Record, Hillsboro, Mo
February 22, 1917
Vol. XIII, No. 9

Volunteer Transcription - Part 7

[ page 2, column 1 ]

The Jefferson County Record.
A Partnership Composed of
John H. REPPY and Albertine C. REPPY
John H. REPPY Editor
Albertine Coon REPPY As??? Editor

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Hilsboro [sic], Mo., Thursday, February 22, 1917

News Commen [sic] and Editorial.

Doe Crow in the De Soto Republican is very philanthropic. Doe don’t
want anything that is not for the benefit of the people. Well Doe read
what your contemporaries in the eastern part of the county say about a
term of Court at De Soto and they are the very fellows whom your folks
claim are to be benefited.

General Frederick FUNSTON, commander of the southern department of the
United States Army died at San Antonio, Texas, Monday night of heart
failure. He served with distinction in Cuba and in the Phillipines, and
was the man who captured Aguinaldo. He was fearless and a born leader
of men and one of the few men who without a West Point education have
been able by sheer military genius to win the exacted position of Major
General in the Army of the United States.

Today is Washington’s birthday. It is a National Holiday and it would
be well to observe some of Washington’s precepts in these troublous

“Europe has a set of primary interests, which to us have none, or very
remote relation, hence she must be engaged in frequent controversies,
the causes of which are essentially foreign to our concern.” He cites
our detached position and urges steering clear of alliances with any
portion of the foreign world.

“Why, he says, forego the advantages of so peculiar a situation!” Why
quit our own to stand upon foreign ground! Why by intervening our
destiny with that of any part of Europe, entangle our peace and
prosperity in the toils of European ambition, rivalship humor or

These excerpts are from Washington’s Farewell Address, and had they
been penned for the exigencies of this hour they could not be made more

Let us not forget the wisdom of the “Fathers”.

dr. AUERSWALD insists that he did not state to the House Committee at
the hearing on his bill to remove one term of the Circuit Court to De
Soto that the matter was an issue in the campaign. In a letter to a
friend in Hillsboro he charges the erstwhile candidate for Circuit
Judge with being responsible for the story in the Jefferson County
Democrat and of course in the Record. The doctor is just as correct in
one statement as the other, neither is true. The whole Hillsboro
delegation are united in the statement that the doctor declared it to
be an issue in the campaign. Mr. Dietrich was naturally indignant and
denied it and stated that he had campaigned the county and never heard
of it. It now appears that the doctor was right and that secretly and
among the De Soto folks, the information was given out that if the
doctor could be elected he would get a term of court for De Soto, but
the matter must not be allowed to get out or it would defeat him. This
information was conveyed to us last week by a reputable citizen of De
Soto in the presence of two other citizens of that city, one of whom,
if not both admitting that they had information of the same sort. What
do the people of Jefferson County think about such stealthy and
contemptible political methods. No doubt the doctor will deny knowledge
of it and we sincerely hope he did not have it, for while the doctor
has a temper like an old tabby cat with kittens, we have always had a
better opinion of him than to believe him guilty of a thing so

Congressman LENROOT of Wisconsin hits the nail on the head when he
defines our true position in our present strained relations with

We are not to side with the pro-Ally enthusiasts who urge the Nation to
side with the entente Allies, nor with the doctrine that we should
abandon our international rights. We should be neutral among the
belligerants, but we should not abandon substantial rights of the
nation or its citizen. If declaration of war is necessary to enforce
our rights, we should not intervene in the European war. We should not
join the allies with their treaties binding each to stand out against a
separate peace. We are not fighting for an independent Poland, for
Constantinople, for Russia, for the restoration of Alsace-Lorraine, for
reparation to Belgium or to keep Germany from a place in the sun.

Our only concern is to make Germany quit sinking passenger and merchant
vessels without opportunity to rescue crews and passengers, and when
Germany is ready to guarantee that this will not be done then we are
ready for peace and can have no further quarrel with her. These
sentiments meet with the hearty concurrence of the American people and
the Jingo Press of the country ought to know and can easily learn that
the people want to stand by the old land marks and to stand clear of
all entangling alliances with the general war of Europe, in which we
are only concerned on humanitarian principles.

~ Festus ~

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar OGLE spent a few days last week in Hematite.

Miss Cressie HOBBS of Potosi spent Friday with Mrs. Mary A. BLUNT.

Professor O. J. METHI?? attended a Parents-Teachers’ meeting in St.
Mary Saturday. He addressed the afternoon session of the meeting.

Several joint meetings have been held between the school boards of
Crystal City and Festus. There is talk of a consolidation of school
purposes and this would mean one good Central High School. Let us hope
that such wonderful possibilities will be realized.

Miss Roberta MEYER who has been confined to her home on account of
illness returned to her duties in the school-room.

Ted MEYERS spent the week end with his parents in Ste. Genevieve.

C. C. ENGLAND spent Wednesday in the city.

D?ye[ or Dave] McCLANAHAN of Danby visited at the home of George

[ page 2, column 2 ]

Ray HOPKINS went to St. Louis Thursday and brought back a new Ford for

The revival meeting which has been in progress at the Presbyterian
church for the past two weeks closed Sunday evening. Rev. LAWSON of
Cape Girardeau who conducted it was a very eloquent and interesting
speaker and we feel that he was indeed a success.

Quite a little excitement was caused Friday evening when the fire bell
rang. The fire proved to be at V. A. CANEPA’s home. The roof around
the flue was damaged quite a bit before the fire was extinguished.

Rev. C. E. FOARD spent a few days last week in Johnson City, Ills.,
helping to erect a tabernacle for a Burke & Hobbs revival. Johnson City
is a mining town of six thousand inhabitants and we trust these men
will meet with much success while there.

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